Believe it or not, knowing different languages can be the key to your success. Much more if you plan to expand globally. Do you know what are the most spoken languages in the world and how can help your business ?

Before continuing, you should know that there are at least Seven thousand (7,000) languages today. However, only 23 are the most used by half of the world's population. Beyond being a statistic, you should consider this point for the growth of your company.

Regardless of whether you are looking to learn a new language for your professional or personal growth. You should know that some of these most widely used languages will open up new horizons for you, especially if you are in business.

Let's look at some of the most widely spoken languages in the world that can help you and your organization grow.


By 2021 there are 379 million native speakers of this language and a total of 1,132 million speakers around the world. Without a doubt, this is a language that is expanding more and more, especially with respect to business.

It is considered as the universal language. It is for this reason, It is widely used in international business, technology and tourism., among other areas.

English is considered the universal language. Often used in international business, technology, and tourism

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Do you consider that this language is important for your workers templateConsider that employees who know Spanish and English can understand 1 out of 3 people on the Internet. This according to data from Internet World Stats. Also, access the 60% of the content on the web.


Second among the most widely spoken languages in the world is Chinese. 918 million people are native speakers of this language and 1,117 million people are speakers.

The curious thing about this language is that despite having a greater number of native inhabitants, it ranks second when natives and non-natives are added.

The reason is because it is not a language in itself, but a set of dialects. By unifying these dialects with the same denomination, the inhabitants can understand each other.

Now, of the 20% of those who connect to the Internet, they can only get the 1% of content in this language. Nevertheless, This is a very valuable language, especially if you are exporting or importing merchandise from China.


At least 341 million people in the world are native speakers of Hindi and 615 million speak it. This, along with English, is one of the official languages of India. is considered as the second most inhabited country in the world.

India has a very wide linguistic diversity in the region. Mainly because at least 1600 languages coexist. That is why many non-native speakers use it as a lingua franca.


Another of the most spoken languages in the world is Spanish. It occupies the second place of the languages with the most native inhabitants with a total of 460 million. In total 534 million people are speakers of this language, which makes it fourth in the world.

It is very important to highlight that It is the third most used language in digital media, such as the Internet.Its expansion is not only limited to Latin America and Spain. It is also found in Africa and Asia.

Likewise, it should be noted that due to migrations, the United States is the second country with the most Spanish-speakers in its territory.

 Most spoken languages in the business world


The fifth of the most spoken languages in the world is French. 77 million people are native and 280 million speakers. This language is official in 29 countries located on different continents. It is considered as the language of the culture and the third language with non-native speakers.

Benefits of being bilingual

As we mentioned before, mastering a second language can be very beneficial. Especially if you want to open new doors in the business world.

If you are looking to expand your business, you should consider the benefits of a bilingual staff.

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Being bilingual is not only useful professionally, but also personally. Much more if you handle one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, such as English. From studying and learning it, you can find the different advantages:

  • Better job and business opportunities. English is an essential language in the world of work, especially if it is a global company that seeks to grow.
  • Facilitates communication when traveling. When you know a second language like English, you have a communicative advantage to express yourself without any problem.
  • Power memory. When speaking a second language, the brain uses areas that are not activated in monolingual people (they speak only one language). Which makes the brain more efficient and flexible.
  • Strengthens social relationships. If two languages are spoken, a person's sociability can be improved. Mainly because you can meet new people and communicate with them.
  • Being bilingual allows you to acquire new knowledge and learn about other cultures, so you can have access to different points of view.
Discover passages are the most widely spoken languages

‍Tips to learn languages in a short time:

If you want to learn one of the most spoken languages in the world soon have to apply different strategies to see good resultsAmong these are:

There are different strategies that can be applied to quickly learn a second language.

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  • practice your conversationDedicate at least an hour a day to practice everything you have learned in the language, this will give you greater confidence.
  • Think in the new languageThis strategy will help you incorporate the second language into your mind. When you think of an idea, try to do it in English or the language you want to learn. Form sentences and design your answers.
  • Start with the simplestA language can have many words, but start your learning process with the basic ones that you will be using most of the time.
  • Go to the dictionaryIf in the middle of your practices you find words that you do not know what they refer to, consult the dictionary. Preferably it is the same language you are learning to understand the full context.
  • listen and readTo learn a second language it is very valuable to delve into its culture, listen to it and read it. It is in this way that you will find information that will help you in your learning.


Learning a second language doesn't have to be complicated for you or your team. There are ways you can make this whole process easier and faster. For example, individual, group or personalized classes that will allow you to advance in the study of English.

In English2Go We can help in the personal improvement and expansion of your company with our personalized English courses. Learn when you need based on the knowledge and areas to improve.

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