The business meetings They are the ideal spaces for communication in fluent and effective English. The links that are established from the recognition of a vehicular language translate into profits and progress.

Have you observed the importance that this language has taken on from the increase in face-to-face and virtual meetings? Indeed, the language of business has its advantages and you have to know the best way to take advantage of it.

This article provides an update on recommendations for successful meetings in English. We hope it will be useful when carrying out your company's projects.

Business meetings in a globalized world

Currently, business meetings take place in the context of a globalized society. The flow of capital, technologies, services, products and raw materials covers networks that exceed territorial limits.

How to integrate the interests of a company that requires the participation of others located in different continents? This dilemma is usually more everyday than it may seem at first glance.

The commercial reality of our time develops in terms of multiculturalism, because it includes people of different idiosyncrasies. Nevertheless, English as a language of exchange it is the bridge that facilitates the business.

On the one hand, direct communication generates more trust between the interlocutors. In other words, the intervention of a translator would create an invisible barrier in the negotiation.

It is also convenient Assess command of technical English in conversations as a formidable negotiating tool. Such a strategic advantage enhances the use of technological resources.

The need to project your company internationally is linked to the business language training. This implies effective learning from a validated method in practice.

Infallible tips for your business meetings

A living language like English allows users to deploy their skills to get the most out of negotiations. It is not in vain that there are instances that must be prepared to be executed effectively.

Business meetings in English are productive when clear parameters are established that allow opening, developing and closing the activity correctly.

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You must remember that entrepreneurs' time is often scarce and therefore very valuable. This feature will allow you to positively assess the efficient execution of a meeting agreed for specific purposes.

We can say that every meeting between successful negotiators meets four clearly delineated stages:

  • Preparatory.

  • Introductory.

  • Developer.

  • conclusive.

These are stages that require a diverse intensity of attention, time and use of resources. However, all are important for the achievement of the objectives proposed for the meeting.

Next, we will see the tips to achieve meetings that allow effective and profitable negotiations. The care in its execution is a key to the success of the activity, from which agreements and initiatives will derive.

How to request a work meeting?

Lead Business Meetings in English

Let's start from the beginning, to carry out business meetings, we must act strategically and firmly. No matter what the dimensions of the other or other participants in the activity, you have to act step by step.

You must always remember that the anticipatory actions of the meeting outline what the realization of the meeting will be. Think, for example, that it requires getting alliances with companies in Europe and Asia.

How to face the preparation of a meeting where English will be the language of exchange to reach agreements? In this preliminary phase, efforts must be focused on attracting positive attention and providing options.

Compose an electronic correspondence where:

  • Start with a courteous and personalized greeting, including the recipient's first and last name.

  • Express the request of the meeting to discuss the business matter.

  • Indicate what reasons support the desirability of the meeting.

  • Indicate the possible dates and the estimated duration of the meeting.

  • Request alternative dates in case of non-coincidence of the agendas

  • Follow up on the call, once the business meeting has been agreed.

Today you have digital tools that will allow you to manage a calendar for the meeting. So, prefigure available dates and times. Then, propose them with flexible criteria to find the ideal moment.

How to start your business meetings in English

Every business meeting is full of expectations and tension that must be counteracted relying on shared language. There, the greeting becomes vitally important as a valve of relaxation and opening for frank communication.

Practice and usage indicate that the simplest way is the right one, since formalities are kept without causing distance. Saying hello with formulas such as "Good morning" or "Good afternoon" are perfect. 

Then add a phrase to start the activity: “I would like to thank you all for attending this presentation. We will start with...» or «We're here today to…».

Remember that time management is important to participants, which is why should focus on the purpose of the meeting. Use expressions that direct attention: “I've called this meeting to…” or “Our goal today is…”.

It is also advisable to provide a brief explanation of the reason for the meeting. Forms of expression such as "We're here today to discuss last quarter's sales figures" are useful and effective.

How to conduct your business meetings in English

Business meetings can be initial or recurring. In the second case, it is necessary to recapitulate previously discussed aspects. In such a way that expressions that refer to what has already been done should be used.

We suggest starting by reading a minute of the previous meetings. The most effective way to do it in the business world is by using phrases like: «To begin, let's quickly go over the minutes from our last meeting» or «Go over».

Business meetings have a language whose use is very appropriate for the dynamics to flow towards the achievement of effective agreements.

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You must present an agenda or list to manage well the time that the participants have for the meeting. As the moderator, propose the agenda like this: "Please look at your copy of the agenda, there are some items on the list today."

It is common to change the topics to be discussed. For this reason, some phrases are useful to energize the meeting: «Now that we've discussed…», «Let's move on to…» and «Move on». This is how the conversation flows from one point to another.

How to close your meeting successfully

Concrete Results in your Business Meetings

The key to successful business meetings lies in reach agreements and that communication is maintained in the next meetings. Towards the end of it, the effort and dynamics deployed to achieve objectives come together.

The closing preamble of the meeting summarizes what was discussed. The markers of this stage are phrases like: «To sum up…». Let's see an example of its use: «To sum up, we've determined the sales figures could be better and discussed solutions».

A successful strategy consists of reducing uncertainty, for this reason we recommend verifying the understanding of what has been discussed. Use the following phrases: "Does anyone have anything else to say before we finish?" or "Are there any final questions?"

An indicator of the success of a business meeting is the need for another. Then you can use forms like: "Let's set a time for our next meeting" or "Thank you all for your participation and I'll see you next Thursday".

Politeness marks the end of the meeting and has appropriate formulas such as: «Ok. Let's finish here. Thank you all for coming” or you can use “Thank you all for attending or coming”.

Prepare your meetings with the support of expert English teachers

Remember that confidence is transmitted through linguistic codes and their usual accompaniments: gestures, posture, tone of voice, pronunciation, etc. For this reason, you must ensure that your command of the meeting is very fluid.

A native English teacher is an important support point for mastering the language.

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If you already know the phrases and other suitable markers to manage the different moments of the meeting, then it's time to polish. It is an advantage to have an English teacher who can advise you in this regard.

The prior preparation starts from the technical language appropriate to the scenario as well as its precise use. As the moderator of a business meeting, you must express security in your proposals, which also depend on your management.

An advisor can listen to your speech exposition in advance. In this sense, it is capable of refining those details that must be improved, changed, emphasized or reinforced.

Put another way, to ensure the best results, you need to prepare well in advance of the event. Allow a specialist to guide you in your role as meeting facilitator.

English language is the key that allows participants the necessary exchange to reach business agreements. Your dominance in context can be fine-tuned to achieve the goal of convincing and winning business allies.

In conclusion

Business meetings are events where participants discuss their initiatives and ideas with their peers from other companies. That's where talents, capitals, initiatives, etc. come into play.

In this scenario and in a globalized context, there are people from different cultures who share a contact language. English thus plays a fundamental role in the success of the proposed objectives.

In English2Go we have the right human talentor to accompany companies in achieving their goals using English. Both in courses and in advice we have the right products to improve the use of the language.

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