The trained staff It is key in business development. Consequently, investing in human capital is essential to generate personal growth, and for the company you lead to achieve the objectives it sets for itself. The truth is that a good option is training in the knowledge of English.

Are you interested in knowing why it is necessary? Next, we will explain the advantages of training your employees in English proficiency.

The importance of having staff trained in English

First of all, the trained staff contributes to the growth of the company and its employees. Second, in the case of English, you must take into account that it is considered the “universal language”. For example, it is the official language or has a special status in 75 territories of the world (Statista, 2022).

In 2021, it was the most widely spoken language on a global scale, with 1.348 million speakers. Of them, 379 million are native speakers, while the rest learned it as a second language (Statista, 2022). In this way, it is shown that this language has become globalized and has become essential in different areas.

For example, people who aspire to a better job opportunity must know English. In this same sense, those who want to travel and discover new parts of the world. And for businesses this can be extremely beneficial.

Advantages for the company of having trained personnel

Are you interested in knowing what are the advantages of keeping trained staff in your company? Next, we tell you.

Increase in value

This is something very remarkable. When you invest in training your staff, it is possible to generate an increase in the value of the company. The reason? Well, it's very simple: human capital always has a positive influence on the value of the company. That is, organizations with more competitive employees will be more valuable.

For this reason, English is an essential element in the value of 21st century companies. Especially if you want to achieve company goals, or in case you want to expand.

As we will explain later, it is inevitable that key sectors of the staff will know English. Among them, technical support employees or developers.

Expansion into new territories

In this same sense, the trained staff in English is a requirement to expand into new territories. Let's take as an example an IT application development company, effectively inserted in Costa Rica. While you won't neglect the local market, you will certainly want to expand and grow.

And if there are opportunities to work with clients from the United States, there will need to be a staff to match. If they don't know English, you'll be missing out on a valuable opportunity to reach out into new territory. Therefore, always try to invest in learning this language in advance. 

Improvement of corporate image

A very important point that is not always taken into account is that when the staff is trained in tools, and even in a new language such as English, the corporate image tends to increase. Mainly, by the employees themselves, who feel valued by the company.

This can be very useful to improve your work in Human Resources. In other words, professionals will begin to be interested in the company, since it generates personal growth opportunities for employees. As a result, every time you open a job search, you will have more and better candidates.

Trained staff with knowledge in English

Advantages of learning English for employees

Do you want to know what are the advantages of having trained staff in English? We tell them in detail.

Productivity increase

Invest in trained staff in English is very beneficial, as it increases labor productivity. This is especially the case in the field of programming, where English terms are used. In this way, they will work faster and understand the concepts better.

expansion of knowledge

Basically, the fact of promoting trained staff in English will boost personal growth. As we already mentioned, English is the universal language, and that will allow your work team to be prepared to face new situations. In turn, this will allow them to expand their resume and career paths.

Generation of new work objectives

As staff become more proficient in English, it will be possible to expand the goal barriers. In other words, if language was a limitation, now it won't be. Consequently, you will be able to work with people who speak other languages or with new technologies.

Ways to train a team

Now, here we will tell you what are some of the ways to train your work team efficiently.


One of the most efficient ways to train your employees in English proficiency is through conferences. They consist of bringing together a group of experts and generating, both virtually and face-to-face, a series of meetings to teach the most outstanding aspects of the language. It may be interesting to divide the conferences according to each area of work.


You can also choose this methodology, which allows for more personal learning. In other words, it implies having teachers who know how to teach their collaborators, according to the language they speak. The ideal is to achieve personalized learning according to the capacity of each one, and the work area in which they work.


Finally, you learn a lot in the day-to-day dynamics. In other words, in the day-to-day work itself it is possible to learn a lot of terminology, especially if there is a professional team willing to answer questions. For example, the programming team should have a teacher who can explain what each term means.

In conclusion, in this article we have mentioned different ways to keep the trained staff in English. Achieving better performance in this language is key, since it allows you to open new doors that will be very useful for your company. Do not hesitate any longer and implement these trainings!

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