When it starts to learn English, there are always those who give their opinion on how to do it. Some say that you should study for a long time, others that you can achieve it in a short time, that you should take an advanced course or that starting from scratch is the best.

But in reality, none of these tips are suitable for all cases, because you have to take into account emotional situations that affect everyone differently, such as thinking and attitude.

In addition, it is of great importance to identify the main objectives that lead to learning English. Knowing them will allow you to focus on them throughout your learning process, which will greatly facilitate:

Main objectives for learn English

There are many reasons that can motivate a person to learn English, and being able to identify yours will allow you to find a course that suits your needs with personalized classes.

If you are not sure what it is your motivation to learn English, here are some goals that might help you identify yours.

how to train your team in languages

For Laboral reason

Due to the globalization of business in today's world, every professional who wants to be in line with the demands of the market needs to have a good level of English. Both to apply to new job positions, and to grow within the company in which you are currently.

Knowing English will not only allow you to stand out among other applicants who do not speak the language, but it has even become an essential requirement for managerial and leadership positions.

Learn English to get better opportunities

Speaking a second language is important in business, but above all, learning English will open many doors for you on a professional level. It is the key to obtaining unique and high-value job opportunities. Do you know which ones?

From a promotion to being chosen by the directors themselves to successfully do business with companies at an international level. Just by mastering the universal language and understanding it at 100%, you will be one of the best tools.

To expand your business

If you are a business owner, and you want to expand it beyond national borders, you will need a good level of English. Regardless of which country you want to take your business transactions to, English will always be the communication bridge between you and the outside world.

Why train your team in English?

To improve the relationship with customers and suppliers

Having the ability to speak English fluently, you will be able to communicate without any problem with partners, customers, and suppliers from anywhere in the world.

For academic improvement

If you are thinking of traveling abroad to become a professional in some area of knowledge, knowing English will be a indispensable requirement, since the best universities worldwide have English as their official language.

To gain access to new cultures

Language and culture are closely related, and if you want to learn about a new culture, you need to master its language.

And it is that really speaking a language means knowing informal expressions, and specific terms used by native speakers of that language. 

In an increasingly globalized world, cultural exchange is an extremely enriching aspect that will change your perception of the world.

For upgrading work relationships

Learning English is a factor that will allow you to train staff and raise them to a higher level of the language, lor which will have a positive impact on the lives of each person.

This will allow you to build a better relationship, not only with your team but also with management, which is attentive to your decisions for the company's well-being.

To enhance personal accomplishments

Nothing more satisfying on a personal level than being able to learn something new, even more so if it is a new language. We know that learning English is quite a challenge, but once you have achieved it, you will feel proud of yourself for having achieved such an important goal.

Additionally, this personal satisfaction will significantly improve your self-confidence and self-assurance.

importance of learning english

The importance of learning English

for the companies

When an organization has a team aligned and focused on achievement, committed and motivated, the key to success emerges. This is what English does within a company.

It is not only an opportunity for further evolution for the company, because it has trained personnel. Learning English offers each employee a level of personal growth, since it can be developed beyond a work environment.

It is the tool that will allow you to motivate your team and make them feel satisfied for being included in a quality learning program. For valuing him and generating solid plans to improve his intellectual level.

All this effort will be reflected in productivity, talent retention and the achievement of the goals proposed in the company.

How to train your employees in English?

Today there are simple, advanced and easy-to-implement alternatives to train your team in the language. Learning English seems complicated, but only if you lack an efficient strategy that drives learning. We tell you.

It is essential to consider the cost/benefit ratio in the company to design effective strategies aimed at obtaining achievements.

One way to comply with this management is provide a flexible online course, a smart option for the development of the HR area.

There are companies that offer courses adapted to each level of English to individually strengthen each employee.

They also have prices that can be adjusted to your budget without compromising quality and commitment. Remember that only the intellectual growth of people will lead to the positive change that the company requires.

Everything begins with oneself. If you learn English fluently, you can generate interest in your team to learn English too.

You are a role model in the company, you have credibility and a solid position that conveys security. Employees sense this and want to come out on their own.

Therefore, your support is key to generating the momentum that everyone needs to learn English optimally and profitably. Keep the interest of raising the development of each employee to successfully influence them.

You can hold meetings and make the team feel confident to start a learning program in English, commenting on the benefits of mastering the language. Motivating them to be better will boost them, not only in their activities but on an integral level.

How to overcome the fear of speaking in English

The English language is a way of life, not a six-month, one-year, or two-year course. When the thought is that it is not possible, or that it is very difficult and will not be achieved, but in addition there is a lack of desire to study, fear of making a fool of yourself in front of others, total blockage when speaking, frustration at not reaching goals and the feeling of inability to speak a language, the right tools can be used to overcome it.

Every time you think that speaking English requires a long-term course, it is better to think that it would be nice to spend a good time studying, visualize a long path that will be part of life.

Also, it should look like a pleasant job that will bring benefits such as: getting a better job, doing a good business and enjoying other cultures abroad without having to deal with language barriers.

This is achieved with short-term goals that are met gradually, so goals such as speaking English in a given period will have to be forgotten. Yes, English will be spoken well but at the required time.

You have to set short, concrete and achievable goals, such as proposing to understand when someone speaks to you in English from 5% to 10% in 3 or 6 months. This can be achieved like this: find an audio in English and listen to it several times; write down the percentage of comprehension, save it and, after three months, listen to it again. Write down the percentage of comprehension and then check how much it has increased in those three months.

For improve your performance in conversation It is recommended to study three irregular verbs in a week, know how to conjugate them and use them in a presentation to the teacher to improve the accent.

All this is achieved with the help of a professional, so it is necessary to enroll in an English course at home as the best form of specialized care.

The courses at home can be done at home or in companies, depending on the needs, as long as it is a quiet place and all the materials are at hand.

Tips to learn English faster 

If you have decided to take an English course, you should know that it is a multi-stage process that requires dedication, discipline and patience. However, with these tips you can optimize your learning process and reach your goals faster:

  • Practice the contents seen in class every day
  • Do not hesitate to consult any doubt with your teacher
  • Complement the content seen in class, listening to songs, or watching videos or movies in English, which provide a greater approach to the language
  • Share experiences with other people who are in the same process
  • Build study habits for class time and individual practice time


There are different reasons to learn English, knowing yours will allow you to plan your learning process. In English2Go We offer you personalized courses that adapt to your needs in order to help you achieve your goals successfully.

Train your team with English experts and raise your learning level to the maximum, relying on the best strategy: individual growth. We transform lives by providing the best tool to learn English. We are English2Go.

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