there are many  methods to learn english, and handling this language is a skill that the most competitive professionals must have. For the company to position itself, it requires having a team capable of communicating in English; Thus, the goals of the organization can be met.

Business leaders seem to be in a race against time for their employees to learn English. This is the only way for them to be able to interact directly with their partners or clients.

In this article we share these 5 methods that your employees can use to learn English in the office.

How to learn English from the office?

When you have efficient collaborators, as a leader, you surely want to retain them and make them climb positions in the company. However competent they may be, if they are not bilingual they will have difficulties in that ascent.

One way to solve this contingency is to train them through a business english course. At English2Go we have group and individual training aimed at helping the professionals in your charge advance quickly in the use of the language. 

The most effective methods to learn English quickly

The specialized native teachers They support a company's collaborators to learn English in the office. The private classes help you deepen the training of your employees with the greatest potential, so that they can advance in the language.

Training your staff in office English produces better business results.

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In an ideal scenario, a person who wants to learn English quickly can opt for immersion. However, this measure is not accessible to professionals who are already working in a company located in a non-English-speaking country.

Now, such a condition is not a reason to be discouraged, there are other methods that are effective to support the practice of the language. Plus, when your staff is engaged in their learning, they can support each other to make progress together.

 Especially because speaking English is a means to an end. In the case of the company, its employees who can communicate with English-speaking partners and customers promote business growth.

Methods to learn English fast in the office easily

learn from the culture

As a business person, you know that speaking English goes beyond memorizing words and even acquiring a good pronunciation. Each language is linked to the culture, customs and history of the country or region that speaks it.

Philip Dunne, SVP, Global Consumer at Rosetta Stone to NBC News explains: "When the language you want to learn is tied to a culture, you can go deeper in your process."

The author complements the above by adding: "Students tell us that it is quite beneficial since it allows them to be immersed in that culture and practice." But if this is not possible in the office, there are options you can take to achieve it.

The first thing is to establish with which countries you are negotiating, since the culture of each English-speaking country is different. Then, to familiarize yourself with everyday aspects, you can watch series and documentary films that refer to that region.

You can also listen carefully to podcasts on topics that interest you and that have to do with your career. Follow sporting or artistic events in the original language. As you do so, remember to watch not only for understanding of what they say but for typical expressions.

Another method to learn English quickly is to attend events organized by institutes and authorities of the country that interests you. Then you will get closer to the language and culture through conferences, talks, business meetings, among others.

Have classes and conversations with natives

Let's look at the traditional but optimized way. By having native teachers, you will be exposed to the language from the first moment. In this way you will learn how to pronounce words correctly and develop natural speech patterns. 

In addition, native teachers facilitate the understanding of cultural differences. This aspect it will help you to communicate correctly and without being embarrassed in social or business situations.

Create a daily habit

Dr. Richard Shuster, clinical psychologist and host of "The Daily Helping Podcast" comments, "We know it takes 30 to 45 days to form a new habit." When we translate this statement to learning English, it gives us a clear path to follow.

As this specialist points out, the moment of learning a new language is similar to when new neural pathways are created. And for this to be consolidated requires frequent and sustained practice.

So, in addition to the classes, organize your day so that you can spend time practicing the language with any activity to help speed up your learning. If it's at the same time it's much better to adapt to this new task in the routine.

Connect the new knowledge

A user asked Elon Musk, a South African tycoon and nationalized Canadian and American, on the Reddit platform if he knew or used methods to learn quickly. 

In response, Musk advised understanding any knowledge as a semantic tree. 

In this way, you can understand the basic principles of any topic to start studying the details.

It refers to exploring a complex concept as if it were a log, analyzing the elements of which it is composed, branches. In this way, its operating rules are understood as formulas that are repeated.

Some teachers or linguists suggest that putting English labels on everyday objects helps to learn the language.

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To complement, many experts agree that the best way to easily remember something is by associating it with something else that is already known. These mental exercises serve to consolidate the new knowledge.  

Take classes to learn English fast at the office

Read and listen in parallel

One of the biggest difficulties English learners face is the difference between writing and speaking. The pronunciation of the language makes it difficult to discriminate some expressions. 

This also happens when they are faced with informal language (that they speak with friends, or watch on television) and formal language, which is the one that is generally learned in class (and that must be used for business).

To solve this problem, practice reading and listening in parallel. This method is applied by watching shows on topics related to your career, but turning on the English subtitles. Thus, you can capture pronunciation and writing simultaneously.

Take advantage of free time and breaks from work to learn English.

Practice makes perfect, and that truth is no different when learning English for work. As we have said in previous blogs, creating a habit and being immersed in the culture of the language are the keys to advancing in your process of mastering the language.

Create rituals so that your collaborators can converse in english. Such a strategy allows them to reinforce the language in a more relaxed environment. In addition, they can practice with each other to reduce the fear of speaking in the language.

Thanks to technology, it is also possible to turn the cell phone into a learning tool. Currently there are various applications and technological tools that allow you to connect with native speakers and accelerate learning. 

How to use English courses to train your team at work?

Building a work team is an arduous task that requires a lot of investment. If you already have one, but they are not bilingual, you will surely need to train them for the challenges of the business and make them advance in the company.

You can train your staff with English courses. You can also incorporate training in specialized English, according to the your business needs. In this way, your collaborators will not only learn the language but also acquire the technical vocabulary.

In English2Go we offer training that fit your needs. That way, you and your team can gain mastery of the language, confidence when communicating, and grow your business.

Business Training Programs

Business training programs are designed to help you or your staff learn English in the office. They combine different methods that allow the acquisition of the language.

These types of programs are oriented to technical and specialized English used in business environments. In addition, it is aimed at adults, so the activities and practices proposed promote the acquisition of the language.

A business training program in English drives business and gets bilingual employees.

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Business training programs are part of the methods to learn English. The native teachers who lead them encourage collaborators to converse in the language and orient the content to business topics.  


As we have seen, There are various options in the methods to learn English. However, if you are committed to your collaborators acquiring mastery of the language, you can combine several. Such a decision helps them get it quickly.

The most viable option to learn English in the office is through a course that takes into account organizational needs on the one hand. And on the other, recognize individual differences and attend to each person based on their own needs.

In English2Go We have programs guided by native teachers specialized in corporate areas. This allows rapid acquisition of the language. Request a consultation to find out how we can help you.

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