We know that personal and work improvement are part of your life. Being able to achieve a higher position in the company, travel, emigrate or carry out projects with foreign clients. Therefore, the importance of knowing improve the resume.

It is your cover letter in the labor market, where you expose your potential and skills acquired throughout your career. Strong skills that demonstrate more than years of experience are essential.

And what better way to develop than by mastering another language? Learn about the advantages of learning English and the correct way to design your CV.

What is the resume?

The curriculum vitae, an address from the Latin meaning "career of life", is a summary of their studies and work. A set of experiences and career path. It is also called resume or resume.

It is an organized, concise and structured document that details your academic and work training. The objective is to provide your employer with an ideal profile to hire you based on your knowledge.

Improving the curriculum helped to be included in the selection of personnel. But if you have extra skills like speaking English you can be hired.

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But how capture the attention of a company if not dedicated to improving your resume? In addition to preparing to integrate more and more skills, it is essential that there are two factors in your CV.

  1. It should reflect your image in a positive way.
  2. Must have good writing.

Every company wants professional staff, trained in various areas and with extra skills to exploit. A work team that has these characteristics offers a good image and is fully functional.

Benefits of learning English for your professional career

learn the english language it is the key to advance intellectually. It is a tool that will open many doors for you, not only professionally, but also in your personal life.

Improve your resume and succeed

Do you want to know the maximum advantages of learning English for your career? We explain below.

  • Opting for a C-Level position, which is generally filled by staff who are fluent in the language, will no longer be a problem.

  • You will become the target of almost any company. The reason? Possess the ability to engage in fluid and technical conversation with clients of other nationalities.

  • You will be able to emigrate and obtain a employment in usa In addition, you will be able to teach your collaborators to communicate efficiently in multicultural environments.

How to improve resume in English

To improve your resume in English, you must follow certain rules that will prevent you from falling into common mistakes. Likewise, the preparation of the hand of experts to learn english It's essential.

english resume length

In the world of work you will have to compete with other professionals who also want to advance. Therefore, your resume should be clear and concise. The idea is to explain with certainty that you are the ideal candidate.

To improve the curriculum is not necessary to write more. Be concise and avoid rambling, highlighting your potential and skills.

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If the job resume is too long it will become boring and will not be taken into consideration. It should be noted that this element should never interrupt the visual harmony. There needs to be organization and professional aesthetics.

Structure to improve my resume

The order and structure in general of the Anglo curriculum vitae does not resemble the format in Spanish. For example, the resume is known in the United States as "Resume". Prioritize the information as follows:

  • Personal Details
  • Summary
  • Key Achievements
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Language & Professional Skills
  • Job References

Try to place the information in a descending chronological order. This means that you should post the most recent experience, following up with the oldest jobs. This also applies to your achievements and education.

Another factor to improve your resume is related to the emptying of information. Avoid rambling or placing irrelevant aspects that do not strictly expose your skills and studies.

say this instead of this

There are hundreds of tools to translate, but none have the versatility that it offers master the english languageOn the internet you can find ease and speed to translate from Spanish to English. This is a serious error.

Just as in Spanish, English has synonyms, but not all words adapt to what you want to express. even the bad use of terms will send wrong message.

Internet translators are not efficient compared to mastering English. Improving the curriculum does not imply translating with the use of platforms but really learning.

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Therefore, adopting smart strategies that really nurture and develop your learning will raise your bar and set you apart from the rest.

Benefits of studying in a personalized English course.

Be successful with a resume in English

The opportunity to learn another language is closer to you. Today's job market has evolved and requires competent people who speak English. Do you know the benefits of a online english course ?

Flexible schedules that they do not interrupt their work, giving them autonomy and learning at their own pace. In addition, it will have reschedulable classes.

Personalized attention from a professional team, whose accompaniment will be key to your success.

Enjoy an advanced, career-oriented curriculum that will give you confidence.

Progressive and accelerated learning adapted to your budget and needs.

Absolute fluidity to participate in meetings, interviews or employment conferences.

Obtain negotiations with foreigners that you previously considered lost for not speaking English.

Private courses that will allow you to work and learn efficiently without pressure or fear of public speaking.

language development with Native teachers and specialists in technical vocabularies.

Online classes to connect from your office, company or home.


The idea of improving the resume will have its positive effects by following these tips. But also, by having a powerful set of skills that differentiate it from the competition.

Proficiency in English represents a high-value feature on your resume for move up in your career or business. Our support and trajectory certify it, for this reason we invite you to develop successfully through advanced methodologies.

do you already know English2Go ? We have native teachers and a teaching system that will give you confidence, fluency, naturalness and job opportunities. Become a high-level bilingual professional and say “Yes”.

Personalized English Courses

Learn with native teachers specialized in technical vocabularies. Courses oriented to your objectives and at your own pace.

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