The job interviews in english They are the gateway to numerous employment opportunities. Currently, in the world of work, mastering another language is essential to be chosen for high-level positions, especially in transnational companies.

For this reason, when facing an interviewer, you must have the security and tools to stand out at this stage. Keep in mind that your hiring will depend on your success in expressing yourself in that conversation.

However, many professionals, even with training in the English language, feel intimidated by this challenge. What is normal when they need to communicate in a language that is not their mother tongue.

Your prospective employer uses the interview to gauge your ability to communicate in English. In addition, he interprets his results as an indicator that he will be able to fulfill his functions. To stand out in your job search, you should follow these tips. 

The challenge of having a job interview in English

Job interviews in English tend to have a similar structure to those conducted in Spanish; even when i should speak another language. The biggest challenge, in this sense, is to demonstrate that his command of the language is sufficient to hold the position for which he is applying.

The job interview in English is a conversation similar to that carried out in any other language.

When a company invites you to a meeting, it is letting you know that it is considering you for the position. Honor that trust by preparing to demonstrate your best performance in the language. 

  • Use a rich vocabulary that includes technical terms specific to your professional area. 

  • Be sure to show consistency and fluency in your comments. 

  • Offer answers tailored to what the company is looking for.

In this way you will increase your chances of being part of the company team, while showing your skills. Remember that there is only one chance to make a good impression, so take your time to show off.

job interviews in english

Practical tips to succeed in your job interview in English

He sent his resume and was called for an interview at the company he has dreamed of for so long. What should you do now? First, celebrate this achievement. Later, you can put these tips into practice that will help you prepare for that important moment.  

know the company

It is not only necessary to know the characteristics and responsibilities of the position for which you are applying. Many recruiters value the knowledge candidates display about the company. What do you work on? What is your story? Who are your partners? What other services do you offer? And so, different topics that will demonstrate your interest.

Nowadays it is very easy to discover more about a company through its website, social networks and even online media reviews. You will leave a better impression by being able to show that you know the organization and express how you can add value to it.

Take notes and organize your ideas

It is important to be clear the aspects you want to highlight in your professional profile and how they are related to the position you are applying for. Similarly, this task allows you to define the structure that will be given when they ask some typical interview questions.

With more clarity on the ideas you want to highlight, you can add that content to the answers you are likely to have to give. In addition, this practice allows you to identify after the interview which information was most accepted for use in the future.

Learn vocabulary from your area

Each work environment has its own vocabulary or jargon. Make a list of the most important concepts in Spanish and research their translations so that you can use them during the job interview in English.

Practice making sentences where you can include those terms to describe your experience and professional skills. Also, make sure you use them correctly, the literal translation is not always the most grammatically appropriate.

practice some answers

We've all been through some recruiting and interview process. In general, there are basic questions that we are always asked: about your experience, your skills, why you think you may be ideal for the position, your salary expectations and aspirations.

By organizing your ideas you will be able to better structure your answers. When you have them, you can start practicing them until you gain ease and confidence while speaking. In addition, by preparing them you will be able to answer faster and the interview will be more fluid.

make up some questions

When having a job interview in English, you may have some questions about the position and the company. Think of everything you would like to know during your interview to clear up any questions or concerns; that meeting is the best scenario.

Employers value candidates who want to know about the company. They even recognize those who want to know how they can add value and not just how much salary they offer. By knowing it, you can also highlight your best qualities.

other tips

One of the recommendations that experts always give is to avoid monosyllables as answers. It is more convenient to describe or detail your knowledge and skills, the projects you have worked on; but in line with the elaborated question.

Rely on non-verbal communication and always ask for clarification when you have misunderstood your interviewer's question. A good attitude can make a difference.

How to practice conversational English?

One of the biggest difficulties of living in a non-English speaking country is being able to practice conversational English. However, there are alternatives that you can use to improve your pronunciation and fluency if you are close to a job interview in English.

Various institutes offer online classes focused on conversation skills. On the other hand, if you have friends who speak English, you can ask them to converse in that language and interview you in English to practice.

Use mobile applications dedicated to practicing languages, to get in touch with native speakers. Another method used is reading aloud to gain confidence when speaking in English.

You can also take personalized classes to help you prepare for your interview. At English2Go we have Spanish Coaching where you can practice the language with the advice of native teachers.

Succeed in your job interviews in English

Examples of interviews in English to practice

On the Internet there are many models of interviews in English to practice. But today we're going to share some of the typical questions so you can start preparing to shine in that conversation.

  • Tell me about yourself.

  • What motivates you in your job?

  • Why do you want this job?

  • What are your skills related to this job?

  • Describe your greatest professional achievement.

  • How do you define success?

  • How do you handle problems at the office?

When you identify the key questions in a job interview in English, you can prepare your answers.

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practice and prepare It is the best formula to get to a job interview in English. By following the tips we share, you'll have valuable tools to make the most of your skills before and during the interview.

How to write your resume in English?

When you apply for a job, the first thing the recruiter asks for is your resume. This of course must be written in English and with the Anglo-Saxon structure which has the following order:

  • Personal details; In this section you must fill in your personal information such as name, surname, age and contact information.
  • Summary whose translation is executive summary and refers to a paragraph with a maximum length of 5 lines. In it you must, fundamentally, show your qualities for the position.
  • Key achievements: This section is optional, but if you're looking for a job, you may want to mention your key achievements so the recruiter can keep them in mind.
  • Work Experience: Your work history is, of course, central to your resume. It is important that you start with the most recent job.
  • Education: another aspect that should be mentioned is the degrees obtained and the training carried out.
  • Languages & professional skills: without a doubt, this is a space for you to highlight your knowledge of languages and other skills that are linked to your profession, such as handling computer programs and relevant strengths.
  • Other information & interests: here you can add additional information such as sports practice or activities that contribute in relation to the job you want to obtain.

Your resume for a job search in English should be precise and brief: less is more.

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How to do a job interview dialogue?

Keep in mind that your resume is a synthesis or "resume", as it is called in the United States. It is possible that if you have a long professional career, you should prioritize and place only the most relevant information related to the position to which you aspire.

A job interview is a dialogue, and you want to be part of the conversation. But keep in mind that it is an evaluation; to the extent that he is self-assured and safe, he will have a better performance.

On the other hand, if you have practiced enough, you already have the answers to the questions that will be asked. So focus on noticing more subtle aspects, such as the formality of the conversation to maintain it in order to make the best impression.

Also, remember to breathe. When we get stressed we have shallow breathing and look tense. So less blood is sent to the brain and we are less creative. 

As in any dialogue, in this interview you will answer questions, but you will also ask them. Show interest and include your interviewer's answers in your next sentence. That way you will feel recognized and without much effort you will leave a good impression, it will also show that you can do your job in English.

Additionally, look at your interviewer; when we are tense we can avoid the eyes of our interlocutor. Avoid lowering your gaze and leaving it fixed on a different point from the person with whom you are speaking. 


The job interview in English is a challenging experience. In it you will have to use your resources to give the best impression. Practice, practice and practice so that the answers come out normally.

When you talk to the interviewer, be clear and direct. Show him with your answers that you are a valuable human resource and that you have a lot to offer to the company. Also, show that you are able to do the job in English.

If you want extra help to prepare yourself in the language and shine even more in your interview, at English2Go We are ready to guide you with our personalized courses and training, led by native teachers who will encourage you to gain confidence.

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