Time management is a difficult task to face when you have simultaneous work and personal commitments. Work and study English at the same time, for example, it requires the fulfillment of a series of actions if you want to be successful in it.

If you work and are considering the option of learning English, you need to know that it is possible to carry out both activities. A little planning, organization and commitment will be enough to achieve it. It seems difficult, but here we will help you with some tips.

How to work and study English at the same time?

Studying another language, such as English, which requires time and dedication to be able to use it to your liking, can be a difficult task for those who work. However, with the right strategies and a little commitment, it can be learned.

The secret behind this is the organization of time to optimize the daily routine. If you manage to order it and comply with that distribution, you will see that you can work and study at the same time.

Time management allows the emergence of free spaces that can be used to dedicate them to an English class. There are tools that facilitate this task by allowing better control of the hours during the course of the routine.

Tips for studying English with a busy schedule

  • The time factor

The characteristics of the work you do may help you find that time of day when it is possible or convenient for you to study. Start by organizing your work schedule and locating those free spaces.

It is possible to work and study a language at the same time. If you commit to studying, 15 to 20 minutes of daily English classes will suffice.

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If you have a job that requires many hours away from home, don't be discouraged. It is easy to find feasible solutions to achieve the objective that was proposed because it is possible to learn English without harming the rest of your activities.

  • Remember that it is something possible to do

 Years ago, activities such as working and studying at the same time would have been incompatible. Thanks to the new learning systems, such as flexible courses with personalized schedules for each student, learning English is possible.

Now, studying is not all that should be done to really master another language. It will require other activities and glimpse other behaviors necessary for the learning process to be successful.

  • Speak English whenever you can

It is not enough to read the class books, carry out the activities programmed for the course, or even listen to all the available audios. It is recommended that you take advantage of every opportunity you have every day to practice.

Consistent practice of English with other speakers of the language will sharpen your hearing and improve pronunciation. Consequently, your communication will improve.

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Try to speak English and put aside the shame of making mistakes. Take every opportunity that comes your way to interact with others. Make use of your vocabulary and remember that the more you practice, the more you will learn.

  • Combine work and study English

It is possible that the work you do requires you to read writings in English, such as manuals, bibliography, emails, internet inquiries or interaction on social networks. All these practices should be used as an opportunity to improve language acquisition.

If you have the opportunity, tell your boss that you are studying English. Offer yourself if your work requires any matter related to language. All these actions, even if they are small, will help you a lot in your learning.

It is unnecessary to recall the value that the command of English adds to any professional today. There are many institutions that recognize this plus in their collaborators and, by working and studying at the same time, you will be able to pave your way to business success.

You can work and study English at the same time

Learn English in the office, is it possible?

Yes, it is possible to learn English in the office. There are several options that you can take advantage of on days with low workload or free time at your workplace and that you can use to learn English.

Companies have great appreciation for English-speaking staff. If any doubt or inconvenience arises where this language is the protagonist, take a step forward and make your knowledge available.

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As a professional, you can choose some of the following methods to learn the language and demonstrate that you can work and study simultaneously:

  • online classes

It is one of the most efficient and flexible methods to learn a new language. You will have the opportunity to set your own schedule and adjust your study pace to start with the English classes. 

This type of study offers optimal solutions for each type of person allowing learning to be successful. Being contemporary It is designed to meet the needs of those who must work and study at the same time.

  • Podcast

Listening to podcasts related to your professional area in the English language will be of great help to master it. While performing repetitive tasks, you may hear dialogue involving terms from your profession; This will expand your specialized vocabulary.

  • Google searches in English

Doing searches in English is essential to improve pronunciation and have a broader understanding of how words are spelled.

  • read articles in english

Finding content in this language is very useful if you aim to learn English for professional purposes. If you do not know a word, the ideal is to write it down. to look up its meaning and find out in what context it should be used.

  • How to stay motivated?

Professionals stop studying English due to lack of interest, or simply because they claim they don't have time due to their busy schedule. However, when you want to achieve something, there are always ways to do it.

Learning English will require greater commitment and planning on the part of the worker. In addition to set realistic goals according to your needs and availability of time. By working and studying at the same time you need to be more organized.

Remember that you must never lose your enthusiasm and positive attitude while learning English. You may stumble and make mistakes several times in the process of learning this language, but you must remember that great rewards are worth some sacrifice.

Additionally, you must consider that in each phase it will be necessary to maintain a positive and enthusiastic attitude to continue learning, until mastering it. In this way, mastery of English will be an easy goal to achieve.

Competitive advantages of English for senior professionals

Today it is possible to work and study English at the same time

In a globalized world like the current one, mastering another language is a characteristic that will position you in a world of opportunities. If you are a senior professional who is fluent in English, you can enjoy the following advantages:

  • Better employment opportunities

Mastering English increases up to 80% the possibilities to find a better job offer. English is recognized as the language of business and few people speak it correctly. Therefore, it is a way to climb positions.

  • more attractive salary

Knowing English is monetizable. In fact, it can influence the increase of a 30% or up to 40% of the salary. By mastering the language, the professional is able to have higher salary expectations in relation to colleagues who do not master it.

  • Expand circle of contacts

Managing another language will allow you to expand your network of professional contacts, both in your area of performance, and in others where you want to expand. This circle is necessary to generate strategic alliances or grow as a team at different levels.

Today's successful professional networks are multicultural; organizations recognize this and choose to include them in their business vision. For this reason, bilingualism is valued as a competence that provides professional competitiveness.


Avoid complicating yourself by looking for ways to work and study at the same time. Remember that the secret is to organize your routine and find a space to learn.

Reading articles, listening to news, conversing with others, in English, counts as time invested in your language learning process. Use the method that best suits your requirements, especially if you want to improve your specialized vocabulary.

Remember that help is welcome when it comes to effectively learning a second language. If you have the support or service of specialists in learning English, such as English2Go, you can adjust your classes to your requirements.

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