The company productivity It is determined by the achievement of results. It also indicates the proportion of resources committed to achieving it. The staff of an organization is a fundamental part of this concept.

Bilingual employees contribute to increasing the company's productivity. Especially, in those that have international operations with English-speaking countries. In this article we will delve into this topic.

Company productivity: actions to achieve objectives

The productivity of the company refers to an indicator that considers the proportion of resources used and the results obtained. Thus, the hours worked and the objectives achieved allow us to know the efficiency of the work.

In fact, it can be translated into a series of key management indicators. From a financial point of view, it is important to recover the investment. So, when calculating productivity, you can know to what extent it is being achieved.

Frequently, when thinking about the skills of the collaborators, one looks at their area of expertise. We refer to your knowledge and experience in: finance, law, engineering, etc. However, communication skills are key.

The productivity of the company is measured in the number of closed deals; therefore, having bilingual staff leads to success.

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How does bilingual staff increase company productivity?

Increase Company Productivity with Bilingual Staff

Bilingual staff will be able to communicate and analyze situations more quickly. Therefore, it tackles difficulties efficiently, avoiding unnecessary expenses and wasting time.

Consequently, the results obtained are increased as an effect of communication and negotiation skills. For this, language management is essential, having bilingual staff can be your winning card.

Productivity rises with bilingual staff, because they are able to communicate and get to the point in meetings.

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In that order of ideas, a phone call or written communication they can resolve situations or lead to a business deal. This if you have English trained staff serving your contacts.

Bilingual staff makes the company more competitive

By having bilingual collaborators, you are being more productive. In addition, looking at yourself in relation to other companies in your field makes it easier for your organization to be more competitive. This advantage will allow you to better position yourself with your customers. 

This is important in companies in highly regulated sectors. In these cases, there is a certain homogeneity in the market offer. The differentiating factor that will get you that extra fee is customer service.

Customers are known to value being served in their own language, especially by people who understand them and can respond quickly. Consequently, Having bilingual staff will undoubtedly favor your positioning.

Bilingual employees facilitate the globalization of the company

The company's productivity also increases as it can reach more markets. Technology allows organizations to globalize their operations, having bilingual staff can facilitate this process.

English is the language of business. For your team to communicate fluently in this language is to be one step ahead to conquer the world. Contacting suppliers and customers in a common language contributes to your operations.

Also, your bilingual staff will be able to travel to the places where you want to establish such operations. There they can improve relationships with their prospects, even expand opportunities through the ability to communicate and understand others.

A motivated staff increases the productivity of the company

There are what are known as virtuous circles. In this sense, the productivity of the company leads to success and this to motivation. Motivated staff are more efficient and grow like a spiral.

Get your staff bilingual and you'll see your business operations grow. For one thing, your staff will feel more satisfied. On the other hand, the company will benefit from the performance of its employees. Everyone wins.

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Stimulate the Productivity of the Company Training its Personnel

Surely you already have staff with the technical skills you need to achieve your goals. However, they may not all be bilingual, therefore, you should consider training in English2Go

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And the most important thing is that your key personnel you can learn English without neglecting your work obligations. That way, they will continue to boost the company's productivity while becoming bilingual.


Bilingual staff boost company productivity. This is because you know the job while communicating with customers and vendors. So you are able to close better business deals.

Plus, to take your operations further, you want your executives to speak the language of business. In English2Go We have native teachers to accompany them in the acquisition of the language and we know the professional area.

It is a very efficient measure. While your team gets down to business, schedule online classes with us. It is the best way to advance in the ability to communicate in English and increase the productivity of the company.

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