In these times, the telecommuting It is an extraordinary option for many. However, in times of social crisis it has become a real necessity.

Did you know that it is possible to combine it with the study of the English language?

Indeed, you can manage telecommuting to meet your work commitments while learning English.

In this article we offer you some tips for studying English while telecommuting and what to do to avoid burnout while doing both activities. 

In addition, we show you a series of recommendations to elaborate a study plan that allows you to improve your English effectively.

Telecommuting trends.

Flexibility and the process of digital transformation of work are important aspects within the trends managed in teleworking. 

In terms of flexible hours, professionals have begun to better manage their working hours to boost their personal productivity. 

This strategy also places value on personal life. In this way, it allows them to also fulfill their personal obligations outside of work. An example of this is improving your English through online courses or programs.

Regarding the digital transformation within teleworking, companies have been implementing the use of virtual desktops and data centers in the cloud.

Virtual desktops are digital workplaces. These spaces are in the cloud in such a way that they do not require a physical space. Such a resource allows employees to connect and have their work tools at hand anywhere in the world.

Other complementary technologies are the data center in the cloud. It can be said that they go hand in hand with virtual desktops, increasing the process of digital transformation. 

Data centers function as a virtualization and resource management system for companies. Moreover, they run on a unified computing platform.

It is important to note that no change is negative. On the contrary, Provides new perspectives and growth opportunitiesboth the person and the company.

Telecommuting allows you to learn English

Benefits of teleworking in learning

Teleworking allows you to develop personal aspects such as: self-discipline and better time management. All of these facilitate learning English through online courses; and this language is a real need to get promoted.

Consequently, the process of professional growth does not stop. Quite the contrary, learning while teleworking strengthens acquired skills and creates others. 

Enhance your resume while telecommuting

There is no longer an excuse not to improve your resume. Thanks to courses like the ones English2Go offers to learn to speak fluent English, it can enrich it.

These types of online courses allow you to develop new skills and gain new knowledge. In addition, you can do it while you telecommute from anywhere in the world.

The contents are tailored to your professional and personal needs and requirements. On the other hand, the classes do not interfere with your work activities, even if you telecommute.

Tips for studying English while telecommuting

To combine teleworking with learning English, you should keep in mind some tips so that both activities are enhanced and truly productive:

  • Set a schedule. If you are going to telecommute from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., you should not get up to do any other activity during this time. 

    Your brain cannot do two things at once. Set time blocks for telecommuting and language study and stick to them.
  • Take breaks every 45 minutes and take 5-10 minute breaks. Our brain cannot focus on the same activity for longer periods.

  • Find a space to work and study without distractions. Have a place where you can stay focused, without having to go the extra mile. 

    Consider that for develop your pronunciation in English you need to speak out loud, without being uncomfortable. Negotiate with the other members of your family so that your study and work times are respected.
  • Set priorities: what is important and what is urgent? If you have a rush job delivery, you need to get it done right away.  

    Studying English is important: once you have fulfilled your urgent work commitment, proceed to take the time to study.
  • Every task must have an end. Do not make the mistake of continuing your work or study activities uninterrupted.

  • While teleworking, listen to music in English. Such a strategy will allow you to exercise your ear and improve your pronunciation.

  • Bring your work agenda in English. You will enrich your vocabulary with terms from your professional area.

How to avoid burnout while working and studying at the same time?

Burnout can be a problem. Dedicate uninterrupted time and energy to an activity can lead to exhaustion That would affect your productivity.

 To avoid this, put these simple tips into practice:

Keep your body active

Dance, practice yoga or tai chi, Body Weight Training, in a word, move! There are many physical activity tutorials on the internet, choose one in English. You will be exercising your ear and your body at the same time.

Maintain body hygiene

Being at home does not mean that you should telecommute or study English in positions that are detrimental to your health. 

At each break, get up and take short walks around your house. This activity will improve your concentration and keep you active.

Learn English by telecommuting

Respect your hours of sleep

If you don't get enough sleep, you won't be able to learn English or meet your professional commitments.

Eat a balanced diet 

Many times exhaustion is related to a lack of vitamins and nutrients. Also, messing up mealtimes could cause digestive problems.

don't overdo it

Do not expect to telecommute for 8 hours and study English for another 7. Excess activities only translate into fatigue and decreased productivity.

After each goal accomplished, give yourself a reward. This will prevent stress from being generated and even decrease.

Make studying fun

Practice English by watching videos in that language: musicals, interviews, documentaries of your interest.

Prepare a study plan

A study plan to learn English from home will keep you focused and motivated. The following items will help you develop such a plan:

  • If you know how you learn, better tailor your plan to your own learning style. 

    Even if you are very visual, do not forget about listening: listen to as much as you can in English, as it is the basis for everything else.
  • Decide what your primary learning goal is. Then make a schedule of activities for each week.

  • At each step, combine the different areas of communication in English: speaking, listening, writing, reading, as well as vocabulary. Don't spend more than 15 minutes doing the same thing.

  • You should practice your pronunciation. If you do not have a teacher to guide you, it is best to record and listen. So you can determine your faults and correct them.

  • check what you learned. Set aside a day every two weeks to check in.

  • Lose the fear of talking to other people. Participate in conversation chats on the Internet or talk on the phone with friends in this language.

  • Don't look at the end goal. Such an action could start to weigh you down. Instead, focus on small steps and enjoy what you do.

  • be flexible. If you can't get comfortable, change your plan and include things that interest you. For example, you can listen to an interview, read about your favorite hobby, or learn a song.

Take advantage of telecommuting along with English courses

Online English courses are a good option

To find out which online course is best for you, you should know how you learn. Remember that everyone has different learning needs. 

Find out what the methodology is and make sure it suits you. Other recommendations to consider are:

  1. Evaluate if there are local or native teachers. The latter offer an experience close to the culture of English-speaking countries. In addition, they will help you with aspects of the English language such as pronunciation and more natural intonation.
    • Study your schedules. Ideally, you should have 24/7 access, so you can study at the times set in your schedule.
    • They should offer you a placement test that allows you to enter the most appropriate level for you. This aspect is established based on your previous knowledge.
    • The platform must allow you to access teachers, materials and reinforcement activities.


If you organize you can be productive in telecommuting and find the time to study the English language.

In order for both activities to be truly productive, it is convenient: to have a schedule, take the necessary breaks, establish priorities and have an ideal space. 

However, you must seek balance so that exhaustion does not occur.

Yes design a study plan you will be able to reach your goals much faster. 

A online english course it is an option to learn this language effectively and at your own learning pace.


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