How to improve the work environment it is a constant concern of the human resources department. Keeping indicators high makes the company a good place to work and attracts the best talent.

Fortunately, there are many actions that can be taken to improve the organizational climate. And part of them are related to upskilling, which translates 'increasing skills', such as language management.

On this pillar page we tell you what you can implement to improve the work environment. This will allow you to create an environment in which all employees want to give their best. In addition, they will want to support the goals of the company.

How to improve the work environment: objective for HR

Many people when talking about human resources (HR) think about issues such as payroll and procedures. Nevertheless, the work of this department in companies goes much further.

One of the strategic objectives of HR is to create a good working environment. This task is complex, because it is the result of multiple variables. Also, some factors are beyond the control of this team.

To improve the work environment, it is necessary to foster trust between people. And this is possible as long as the collaborators feel sure of themselves.

A study carried out by the work team reveals that one in four people values the work environment above salary.

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The complex tasks of the organization require that professionals communicate clearly and unequivocally. For this, it is of great help that they can speak and understand English.

When there is little command of the language, people get stressed. A direct consequence is that they become irritable, which lowers climate indices. For this reason, an ideal measure is to encourage the learning of English.

In addition, it is important to create an open and flexible environment for them to practice the language. In this way, they are motivated to use it. On the other hand, having teachers in English also increases efficiency.

How to improve the work environment? Strategies to achieve it

How to Improve the Work Environment Using Strategies

Let's answer the question how to improve the work environment. In this section, we will show you concrete strategies to achieve it. As you read, you can translate them into actions that fit your business.

Keep in mind that every workplace is different. The strategic lines that we propose apply to all of them. However, the specific actions must be adjusted to your organizational culture and collaborators.

Build trust between team members

Building trust is one of the first steps in improving the work environment. A frequent aspect in companies with unhealthy climates is intolerance with bosses who do not listen or minimize the opinions of their collaborators. 

As you worry about how to improve the work environment, make sure people treat each other well. Promote this practice by example. Motivate spaces for active listening, receive proposals and designate time to assess them.

It can also support training in leadership skills, which facilitate the empowerment of employees. Keep in mind that often the best ideas come from unusual places.

Another action that encourages trust is the generation of spaces for conversation. Promoting informal activities for people to get to know each other makes them feel connected and encourages interaction between them.

In short, the work environment improves with small steps. All activities that favor contact between collaborators increase the indicators. Also, those that facilitate the empowerment of employees.

Create a space of flexibility and support

Flexibility is a fundamental aspect in these times. Matha Alles, a specialist in competition, defines this term as the willingness to adapt easily. 

In addition, he adds that a flexible person can quickly adjust to complex situations and people or groups. Consequently, you can keep up with the pace of work despite changes.

Behind this quality is the ability to accept the other. When it is understood that people are all different and that is okay, support is promoted.

Now we do put the magnifying glass on the company. Flexibility refers to the organization's ability to adjust to changing, demanding scenarios. The work environment improves when the company adapts.

The incorporation of flexible hours is an option. Also, an environment that responds to the needs of the people who work in the organization. Currently, the only constant is change and you have to be able to adjust.

Encourage autonomy

Autonomy refers to the ability to act efficiently in the face of difficulties that prevent achievement. It is promoted when collaborators can make decisions following clear rules.

In this way, they do not need to consult a supervisor every time a step is taken. This fosters trust. So, together with the previous strategy, they form a virtuous cycle that feeds on itself.

People who achieve are motivated. So providing an environment where they can solve challenges will retain their talent. This is another solution to the question how to improve the work environment.

Encourage the learning of English

A challenge in which you can accompany your workers is training in English. Feeling part of a community that speaks the same language gives a sense of belonging. This maintains an excellent working environment.

Companies that invest in English training achieve more productive employees. This translates into greater satisfaction and improves the work environment.

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In addition, people want to be part of teams that encourage learning. In fact, this is one of the main motivators today. So promoting english training you are betting on your goals.

Then, including English courses in your training offer is a way to improve the work environment. Also, as long as they are online and fit into your collaborators' schedules, you will find that everyone will want to participate.

How to improve the work environment by promoting the learning of English

How to Improve the Work Environment by Encouraging English Courses

Perhaps you are wondering how to improve the work environment by encouraging the learning of English. The main thing is to set as a goal to have a proportion of bilingual staff, a number that is an indicator of success.

On the other hand, you can create an incentive program for bilingual staff, so everyone will want to train. By having staff capable of communicating in English, HR indicators improve. At the same time, it has key collaborators.

Staff who speak English feel safer and more satisfied, which is why it contributes to improving the work environment.

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Mastery of the English language allows the operational areas to increase business. In this way, income is increased. This generates profits that allow sustaining measures for the welfare of workers. Everybody wins. 

Because being bilingual is an important motivation

Bilingualism is a skill attributable to people and not to companies. Although you facilitate the training, this investment directly benefits the employee. This makes it become a significant motivation.

Non-bilingual people are known to lose up to 72 % opportunities. So, by learning English, employees are more valued in the company. They are also more attractive prospects for other companies.

Therefore, by having bilingual staff and betting on improving the work environment, it is building a winning team. Supporting the strategic goals of the company while its employees are more satisfied.

Because speaking English enhances performance

Bilingual staff perform better. On the one hand, you can understand, write and communicate in English. For the other, It is endowed with security and confidence, which promotes better results.

Regardless of the type of work a collaborator performs, their ability to communicate is essential. If, in addition, he manages to do it in English, the time allocated to complete all tasks decreases.

Efficiency translates into higher productivity. And it usually means that they can also be more creative with the extra time. All this contributes to improve your mood.

Happier and more satisfied employees drive the work environment. Therefore, it is in your best interest for your employees to be trained in English.

Because English favors effective communication with clients

When a professional has the knowledge of their tasks but cannot communicate well, they become stressed. And a tense person conveys insecurity and even hostility.

Your employees gain practice mastering English as they are trained. In this way, their understanding and communication becomes more fluid. And, consequently, they stress less.

This is because, when communicating, he shows off his ability without having to concentrate too much. Thus, their expression is natural and English-speaking customers feel better served.

Satisfied customers buy more. So, whichever way you look at it, it's a good investment. Because relaxed staff improves indicators of the work environment in the office.

How to improve the work environment with courses for companies

How to Improve the Work Environment by Offering English Courses

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, one of the things that employees value most is upskilling. As their skills increase, they become more valuable to the company. Thus, your opportunities for promotion improve.

This points to the well-being of employees and improves the work environment. In addition, it favors the company's negotiations. Aware of the importance of this skill, at English2Go we have English courses for companies.

We know how important it is to have staff who understand and can communicate appropriately. Therefore, we also have specialized english courses. All our processes have native teachers.

It promotes the work environment by providing valuable training to its collaborators. This is rewarded in gratitude and fidelity. The most valuable asset of a company is a pleasant environment to which people want to belong. 


How to improve the work environment is a permanent challenge for the human resources team. There are various steps that can be taken to create a stimulating and positive environment. This encourages talent retention.

One strategy is to encourage the learning of English. In English2Go We can accompany you in this task. That way, you can count on bilingual staff to grow your business while improving interactions.

So, the human resources team will be part of driving the business and not just a support instance. Be part of the solution by boosting English training and retaining your most valuable employees.

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