Many people wonder how to find the dream job. If this is your case, you should know that the path will be different for each person. And that the results will be in line with the organization and structure of the search you perform. 

Below we present a series of recommendations aimed at strengthening your professional development, especially if you are bilingual or if you are working to learn the English language.

Tips for finding the job of your dreams

Right now, perhaps millions of people want to find their dream job. However, for achieve career goals The first thing to do is evaluate yourself. 

When you make this assessment, you can be clear about your professional goals, as well as having a well laid out plan.

Having a clear goal when starting down the path to a new job is key to success. 

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If you want to know how to get the job of your dreams, take the first step with the knowledge that the position you hope to obtain is out there, waiting for you. The aspects that we present below can guide you towards the job of your dreams. 

1. Create a roadmap for success 

To create your roadmap, you must first define your current situation and the goal, as well as specify your strengths and points to improve. 

Identify the Job positions that you want to perform, as well as those companies in which you would like to be hired. Do this regardless of whether there are any openings. 

Next, prepare your CV according to the applications you will be making and all the documents you may need to submit. Plan the time you will spend on each aspect of the search, from reviewing the networks to adapting the CV. Prepare in advance for interviews and evaluate your results. 

2. Define and boost your career

If you know yourself well and know what you like to do, you will be able to define your career and establish goals where to go. This must be expressed in your resume: This document must show the existence of an objective professional line.

How to find your dream job

Leverage social media to boost your career; pay special attention to LinkedIn, the professional network par excellence. 

3. Develop a bilingual profile 

Mastery of business and work English increases the chances of being hired, to the point that in some cases it may be an exclusive requirement. If you want to increase your chances, you must have a bilingual LinkedIn profile.. Perhaps you have added some terms in English to your profile on this network, be it your titles or the positions you have held. These will be the keywords that will appear in the search for companies. 

Nowadays, having an English profile on LinkedIn is essential to get a job. 

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Note that if, for example, a London company wants someone with your profile, LinkedIn will show you the results in English. If only a few words are in that language, they will most likely not communicate with you. 

For this reason, you must have a bilingual profile that includes a biography correctly written in English, with terms typical of the business and labor world. 

Also, it must have a title or headline that gives precise information and with the writing of a work experience that demonstrates its command of English. 

Your secondary profile in English should stand out for its correct spelling and grammar. It is recommended that you incorporate the keywords in a natural way and that you describe your specialty in the most specific way possible. 

4. Seek and be found 

Recruitment agencies are companies that favor the encounter between the human factor and the ideal organization for it. Its qualified staff –recruiters and headhunters– are true experts in selection processes. 

They are capable of creating the perfect encounter between the best companies and the best talent

One of the advantages of recruitment agencies is that they know the needs of the company that hires their services, its philosophy and its values. Also, they value the affinity that must exist between the profile and the team to which it will be integratedboth professionally and personally. 

This last aspect is extremely important for the success of the contract.

5. The importance of soft skills 

Especially in cases where there are several candidates applying for the same position, the final decision can be determined by soft skills, also known as soft skills.

These skills fall into three categories: interpersonal skills, social skills, and methodical skills. 

Soft skills are important to successfully carry out everyday work: knowing how to work in a team and at the same time be independent. It is also important to communicate assertively, be organized, flexible, creative and disciplined. 

6. Networking and digital skills 

The European Center for the Development of Vocational Training (CEDEFOP), has indicated a series of interesting statistics for the labor market. These indicate that in the coming years the 90% of jobs will require digital competence. 

Skills such as creating, sharing and modifying documents or knowing how to communicate within the framework of a work project, for example, will be essential to obtain a position. 

On the other hand, networking will be decisive in finding the best job opportunities. So, if the question is how to get the job I want, consider that an international network of contacts will broaden your horizons. 

Having a professional command of English will be very helpful. This is why you should not hesitate: continuing with language training will give your career a boost. 

7. What will be your contribution 

If you can't get answers and are still wondering how to get the job you want, you should review your resume. Surely you are not expressing in this document what you can contribute to the company.

Being clear about the advantages that your profile has over those of the competition can be fundamental when it comes to a job interview. 

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Interviews usually end with the question "Why should we hire you?" That is the time to make your proposal and make a difference. For example, if you are inexperienced, highlight how up-to-date you are or how creative and innovative you are. 

On the other hand, if you have experience, point out that you can be an invaluable resource in the face of strong market competition. This is what most companies will take into account.

It is important that you can demonstrate the added value that the company will obtain by incorporating you into its ranks. 

8. Stay current 

No matter what your age, if you want to know how to get your

Dreams must stay current. Therefore, it is essential that your profile on LinkedIn and social networks is up to date. 

You should always keep this in mind, as more than half of all job offers are made online. 

You must also be able to adapt to new work schemes; You will also need to keep abreast of market changes and new lines of business. 

9. The importance of independent projects

One of the aspects most valued by employers is that talent has a focus, a north in their professional development. Studies and courses completed, as well as professional activities, are taken into account. 

All this must be aligned and suggest to the reader of the CV that there is an independent professional development project. 

The existence of these projects favors employability and allows you to be considered as a viable option, thus achieving the job of your dreams. 

How to stand out during the selection process?

If you hope to land the job in an interview, You must take care of several aspects that will make you stand out during the selection process. For example, you may want to match your personal style to that of the company you're applying to.

How to get your dream job

Research the organizational culture and take it into account even when choosing what to wear that day. 

You must ensure that you maintain a calm body posture, expressing openness and attention, as this will reinforce a good image. Of course, you must express yourself correctly and avoid unnecessary gesturing. 

They may want to test your command of English; if you have a high level in this language you will undoubtedly stand out. Remember that it is a requirement that can stand out among the rest of the applicants; This way you will get the job of your dreams.

Experts Speak: Finding the Job I Want

Experts agree that professionals capable of carrying out work in another language have a greater chance of being selected. Also, globalization and the increase of an international market make English the most demanded language.

Ivannia Murillo, Human Resources specialist and CEO of Search Latam, presents us with her expert opinion. She refers to the importance of having a high level of English to be competitive in today's job market. 

Your considerations may be the key if you want to know how to land your dream job. In addition, how business and labor English set the trend in the current labor market. 

Murillo states that in some cases the company requires the person to have a B2 level of English; that is, to be able to understand and communicate fluently verbally and in writing. 

“In the case of executive profiles, a C1 level of English is required, since they have to work in forums, high-level meetings, be spokespersons, or because they perform specialized support tasks for English-speaking clients.”

Ivana Murillo

HR specialist and CEO of Search Latam.

Regarding the command of English to achieve executive and C-Suite roles, he indicated: “The 100% of the executive positions that we manage in Search ask us for English. 

He further said that: “Even in CR a third language is being valued as a plus”.

Murillo assures that in Search HumanFactor Leaders, executives with an advanced level of English receive guidance and advice. They are even helped to create the form, to reformulate the CV and they are prepared for the interview. 

“We advise them in negotiating their salary package and we show them how to develop their career. We assign them a person to accompany them in the process even after the placement”, said the expert.


Professional development is a demanding path, which often forces us to stop and redirect the route. Standing out during the selection process and getting the job you want is possible. 

Success can be yours if you have a well-defined professional profile and a good level of corporate or technical English. Check out the courses we offer at English2Go and start adding tools to get a new job. 

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