have a healthy work environment It is the main task that the human resources area of each company sets itself (Alamar & Guijarro, 2018). The productivity and low turnover of organizations is measured by the value added to the processes.

A happy worker achieves greater efficiency, grows professionally and promotes teamwork. It is important to know what a collaborator must have in order to focus on their work.

What is a healthy work environment?

For a long time, there has been a struggle for occupational safety and hygiene standards that provide business plans positives. Optimal work environments have spaces where there is free communication, positive reinforcement, understanding and respect.

Healthy work environments occur when bosses and workers collaborate on continuous internal improvements. That is, the place that has what is necessary for each work process to be positive is considered a healthy work environment (Occupational Health and Disability, 2019).  

To assess their work environments, companies conduct surveys. The results reveal the perception of each of the collaborators (Endalia, 2019).

Aspects to evaluate

Analyzing the environment where the company's work is carried out is a valid strategy to improve the professional environment. The important aspects that must be considered are the following (APD, 2021):

  • Development opportunities
  • Economic work incentives
  • Benefits
  • Boss-collaborators relationship
  • Training

Each company is different and your organization depends on your benefits. Both economic and motivational have positive repercussions on the work environment.

How to create a healthy work environment?

have a healthy work environment includes the physical environment where the work is carried out. It also has to do with personal satisfaction and the culture of the company itself. To create a good work environment, the following characteristics must be established (Entercomm, 2020):

Create bonds of trust

Trusted bonds begin with free communication. Empathetic and respectful business leaders establish healthy and satisfying work environments. The worker must know how important his work is in the organization and how much his presence is appreciated.

Healthy work environment: how to self-assess your company | english2go

Encourage creativity and preparation of the work team

have a trained staff makes it easier to foster group creativity. Internal growth opportunities make employees feel committed to the success of the company. Companies that take care of their staff and prepare them with new knowledge pave the way for excellence.

Set clear rules

A healthy environment should not be confused with companies without organization. Good business climates are given by the balance between rules and individual development. Every worker complies with responsibility and schedules. By not establishing rules, it gives way to internal chaos.

Promote language learning

Learning English is a good way to prepare staff for work trips. Healthy environments begin with incentives that help each employee to feel identified with the organization (Indriago, 2018). Language learning is a moral incentive that benefits the organization and has a positive impact on the life of the collaborator.

Invest efforts and resources in favoring a healthy work environment It is the first and most important step towards meeting the objectives of the organization. It doesn't matter what your turn is. With this, union ties within the company will be fostered, the collaborator will be more committed and will contribute his best effort.

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