A English presentation It is a golden opportunity for your collaborators to show the company's products. But its success depends on how confident the presenter is when standing in front of the audience.

Successful businesses have a team that can communicate fluently in English. Since many potential clients and partners speak in this language, it is of the utmost importance that professionals can express themselves and understand that language.

In this article you will find the key points so that you and your collaborators can deliver captivating presentations in English. So that they achieve success in their projects, by having a clear command of the subject and a careful staging of the speaker.

How to prepare a presentation in English?

When you or your team When preparing to give a presentation, especially if it is in English, you need to make sure you take your time into account. Try to divide it into three sections, in order to ensure success in exposing:

1. Time to prepare content and supporting material

Be sure to spend time planning content and designing supporting material. These resources will allow you to leave the best impression in your presentation, as well as help you to know what aspects you should emphasize in practicing English.

Make a presentation in English in the company

2. Time available to practice English before the presentation

You must ensure that the speaker improves fluency and reinforces their vocabulary. For this reason, it is advisable to have the support of a specialized English teacher , this way you can prepare exclusively on your target.

3. Time available for your presentation

It would help you delimit, prioritize and organize information, both in your speech and in the supporting materials. It will also make it easier for you to rehearse your presentation, using a timer to make the most of every minute you have.

Practice English correctly before the presentation

In a presentation, preparation is everything. If you want the speaker to shine and position your company in the right way, try to improve your english in the following areas before the big day:


Pronunciation plays a fundamental role in your presentation, it is useless to have a wide knowledge of the vocabulary of technical English if you can't pronounce the terms correctly.

To achieve this, it is important to study the positions of the tongue and lips to speak English. When speaking we move our lips and tongue, and depending on the movements, the sounds to be produced will vary.

The correct pronunciation is key to making your presentation in English a success

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For this reason, constantly repeating some positions and lip movements will help you pronounce correctly without having to force yourself or think about it. Since learning will be automated.

Focus on those sounds that are not present in your native language.  Especially the ones that are subtle (almost imperceptible to Hispanic ears) and the ones that are difficult for you to pronounce.

Let's see some common English sounds, and how to pronounce them:

  • “TH” sound: This is one of the most difficult English sounds for Spanish speakers, mainly because it does not exist as such in Spanish, so it is often confused with the “t” sound.

How to do it? Place your tongue between your teeth, allowing the tip to protrude slightly, then exhale by allowing it to escape between the teeth and the tongue.

  • Sound “R”: If you want to pronounce all technical English vocabulary terms in your presentation correctly, this will be a key sound that makes a big difference.

The sound "R" in English is achieved by retracting the tongue, bringing it close to its resting place, without touching the gum.

Practicing the sounds of the phonetic alphabet is a good exercise:

It is always advisable to remember that although the letters are the same as in Spanish, the pronunciation in English is quite different. Therefore, by practicing the sounds of each letter, he becomes familiar with them and ultimately improves his verbal expression and comprehension. 

Your study plan should be tailored to the time you can invest in improving your current level of English. You may find the tutoring format called Spanish Coaching

2. Listening comprehension

In an English presentation, the ability to understand questions of varying depth and respond to them is essential. For this it is necessary develop good listening comprehension that allows you to understand what your audience is saying, and achieves it:

  • listening daily podcasts, news, dialogues, rounds of questions and interviews in English.  
  • Consume content from your industry, where they pronounce technicalities and phrases typical of the area. Applications such as Google Podcasts, RadioPublic, BBC Podcasts and Audible offer high-quality content in the voices of representatives of each category.
  • Don't be afraid to ask "Sorry, I didn't understand your question, could you repeat it? Please." No one will be annoyed or think you are less professional for asking to be repeated or explained in another way. 
Presentation in English with extensive vocabulary

3. Vocabulary

Once you have determined the content of your presentation it is important that you have a list of technical English vocabulary, as well as common expressions in a presentation.

In this way you can practice them previously, until you learn their use, meaning and proper pronunciation. Leave nothing to chance and make sure you have all the required information.

Prepare the presentation speech

English is a language that greatly values clear, concise and precise sentencesFor this, ensure that the speech of the presentation communicates the greatest amount of information in the least number of words, in a simple and well-argued way.

  • Use examples of references and close to the audience .
  • remember organize the exhibition by stages with adequate beginning, development and closure. That is, if the reason for your presentation is the sale, then you need to display your ideas in this order: 
    • Introduction, 
    • Explanation of Problems, 
    • Current Solutions and
    •  Best Solution ( What you or your company offer ).

Prepare and practice your speech for a successful presentation in English

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  • Value simplicity. Use direct expressions. Avoid including rarely used words or complex sentences in your ideas. Remember the saying: "less is more" and in this case it applies.

Create the support material in English

Supporting material should only serve to reinforce your most important ideas. Avoid that your team uses support to read verbatim or to display long paragraphs, as it can play tricks on you and will bore your audience.

We recommend that you invite your collaborators to listen to the Patrick Winston's tips for creating good presentations. If you apply these techniques and tips together with your expertise in the area, the success of the presentation is totally guaranteed.

Support material to make a good presentation in English

When giving a presentation in English you have two big challenges, conveying an idea clearly and leaving a memorable impression. Consequently, the supporting material you use in your presentation must have that touch of impact that allows your audience to remember you.

Also, an added benefit of using supporting material is that the audience's gaze will be in a different place from you. You can include slides, mockups, videos, photos, infographics, or brochures in your presentation. 

You can realize the creativity in it as long as you make sure that it fulfills the objective that you want to convey. Remember that supporting material is for you to shine, not to distract your audience. 

Think about your audience and their interests

Consider the professional and cultural baggage of their interlocutors and listeners. Will people from different sectors or just one industry listen to you? Does it need to be formal, semi-formal or can you allow for informalities?

Rehearse your presentation in front of your English teacher or trusted audience to correct grammatical issues.

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This will help you define whether or not to include technicalities. Also, if it is convenient to explain some concepts. In addition, you will be able to decide what kind of words you should use to communicate your ideas in an entertaining way and of course, what level of English to achieve it successfully.

Courses for entrepreneurs

To boost your business it is important that you and your team shine in your presentation in English. To do this, they can take custom courses adjusted to the needs of your company and time availability of your collaborators.

In the particular case of presentations, it is very important that they enhance their talking to express themselves and speak fluently. It is also imperative that fstrengthen your listeningso that you can understand what you hear and answer the questions.

In English2Go We have teachers who attend you individually, helping you gain confidence and express yourself impeccably in your presentation. This will boost your business by coming up with ideas, offering options, and closing new business.


To make a presentation in english that is successful It is very important to take into account some fundamental aspects. Initially prepare it with time and with focus on the result you want to obtain. Then, you must practice in correctly pronounced English, which requires continuous rehearsals.

And for success, you'll want personalized classes. This way you will ensure not only the correct pronunciation but also the ability to answer questions accurately and use the supporting material to your advantage. 

In English2Go each of your collaborators can have a private profile and adjusted content to improve their English. This way you can enhance both your speaking and your listening. Visit our page and learn about the possibilities we offer.

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