More and more companies choose to incorporate bilingual collaborators into their ranks. So that If you are thinking of applying for a managerial position, you must have a good level of English for executives.. This will allow you to expand your contacts and maintain a good relationship with your customers. 

Nowadays, mastering English is a mandatory requirement if you want to stand out and establish a career in the business world. Mainly because this is a universal language, which also allows higher positions in an organization to be achieved.

Now, let's see in detail some of the most relevant advantages of learning English for executives and how it can be improved:

Advantages of learning English for executives 

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, Executive English is a key training to incorporate into your career. This will allow you to grow professionally, do better negotiations and show your professionalism. But let's look at each of these advantages in detail:

Boost in your career 

Before, the use of a second language was considered a plus, but this is no longer the case. At this time it is an infallible requirement that must be met. Therefore, mastering English for executives will give you the boost you want for your career.

consider that there are 375 million people in the world who speak English in business, even if it is not their mother tongue. That is why the search for companies focuses on trained personnel who can interact in this language.

The business world is managed in English, which is why companies look for executives who are fluent in the language.

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It is for the above that just mastering this language will give you a 40% more chances of getting a better job. So you can distinguish yourself from those who do not master this language fluently.

In addition, by knowing English for executives, you will be able to participate in face-to-face or online meetings related to your job. This will make it easy for your clients and colleagues to understand you.

Improve your negotiations with English for executives

Opportunities to do better negotiations 

Knowing English for executives eliminates the barriers of mother tongues. So you can do business and contact with professionals from North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia without any problem.

 Keep in mind that business and transactions are no longer regional, so you always aim to go global. This means that it must be prepared to close business with any person of interest. Whether he speaks your native language or not. 

For example, if your company is in Latin America and your supplier is in Asia, you must be able to interact and define an agreement that is favorable for your organization. If you do not have the necessary knowledge, you may lose a lot of money and good opportunities.

show professionalism 

Other advantages of English for executives is that it is a sign of professionalism. so it will be a determining tool to be considered within the company What a representative of the institution on business trips, meetings, among others.

English for executives is the key piece that demonstrates professionalism and opens up a world of possibilities.

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Managing more than two languages shows the professional commitment you have, being prepared for any type of situation. Since this is complemented with the area of knowledge you have and improves the relationship you have with potential clients and co-workers.  

Phrases for executives 

Now, now that we know some of the advantages of English for executives, let's look at some of the phrases that can be used in this context. These could be used in any industry and will help you better understand your colleagues:

  • Let's brainstorm for new business opportunities then choose the best ones to develop further. / Let's brainstorm to find new business opportunities, then choose the best ones to develop. 

  • Let's get the ball rolling on this project by contacting some suppliers and getting estimated costs. / Let's start this project by contacting some vendors and getting cost estimates. 

  • Claudia's great at multitasking – I'm so impressed with the way she handles so many client accounts and her performance. / Claudia is excellent at multitasking, I am impressed with the way she handles different client accounts and her performance. 

  • Let's think outside the box to solve this issue. / Let's think outside the box to solve this problem. 

  • Please focus on jumping through hoops these days. We need to finish that project ASAP. / Please focus on overcoming all the inconveniences of these days. We need to finish that project as soon as possible.

How to speak English fluently for executives

How to improve your pitch? 

If you are already in the business world, you must make sure you have a good Pitch, this is a short presentation that goes from 20 seconds to 5 minutes. It is directed towards an audience in which a topic of interest is shared.

Improving your pitch will allow you to feel safe and confident enough to develop each of your ideas

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In order to improve your English pitch, you should take into account the following:

  • Practice will help you stand out: the more you practice your presentation in English, the better your performance and development will be. This will allow you to lose the fear and embarrassment that is often associated with speaking in a second language.
  • Present your ideas simply: for your pitch to be successful in the business world, you must take into account that you state your idea simply, clearly and coherently. This will ensure that everyone involved understands you accurately. 
  • Project security: it is essential that you develop this point, if you practice your pitch enough you will be able to project security and confidence in what you are saying. Making the words he mentions are congruent and have a good reception.
  • Get advice from a professional: it is important that you can count on the help of a professional in English for executives to help you take care of the vocabulary that you will use during your pitch. This will allow you to achieve the goals you set for yourself during your business meeting. 

What kind of courses are needed to learn English for executives?

In the market you can get a wide variety of English options for executives. However, you must verify that it can meet your expectations and needs. For example, that they can help you develop the vocabulary that is used in your business, adapt to your times, among other factors.

In English2Go we have Private English courses for executives. With whom you can attend classes from wherever you are, regardless of the country or schedule, because we adapt the modalities and frequency of study to your time.

In addition, our English courses are taught by native teachers who have extensive experience in technical and business vocabulary, so from day one you will be able to strengthen your speech and negotiation skills in English.

Likewise, with the possibility of private English courses for executives, you will be able to improve the skills you already have and reinforce your knowledge. This is because the study plan is totally personalized according to the areas where you require more support and in which you have your objectives set.


Master the English for executives is an essential piece if you want to go far in your job. That's why, from English2Go We recommend you strengthen this point as soon as possible so that you get a good business vocabulary that allows you to close the contracts you have been dreaming of. 

Although learning a new language or going deeper into it requires extra effort, the reward is much greater. Precisely for this reason, professionals are concerned with strengthening this point to achieve better opportunities in their field of work.

Would you like to speak with international clients more fluently to increase your sales? contact us right now to define which are the areas that will help you meet your objectives in English. 

Personalized English Courses

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