Today the business world is totally globalized, which is why more and more leaders are looking for alternatives of some kind. business english course. One of the main reasons is that it facilitates business expansion, allowing communication and interaction with foreigners without encountering the language as a barrier to new successful professional relationships.

On the other hand, having English teachers for companies It gives employees additional motivation to feel motivated to be part of your company, which also improves productivity levels. In order for your employees to get the most out of their English classes, it is important to know how to choose the best alternative for you.

Identify the needs of your company

If you have decided to look for an English course for companies, it is probably because there is a need to manage the language within your work team. However, the origin of this need will influence the choice of the most appropriate course, for this reason it is essential to know them well and identify the purpose that will be fulfilled with the classes.

exist different methods and approaches used by business English teachers, and everything will depend on the purpose of managing English within the company:

  • Read and understand manuals: For many organizations, this is the main reason that leads them to seek alternatives for teaching English to their employees. To this end, the business English course you request would ideally be one of technical English.
  • Attend a special event: In many cases it is required to send a specialized team to take a course or attend a conference that will be given in English. In these cases, time is usually a highly relevant point when choosing the best English course.
  • Interact with customers or partners: You may be expanding your business into new international markets, or have decided to form a partnership with English speakers; In any case, you need your staff to be able to communicate fluently in the language, and the type of business English course you choose should be focused on this.
  • Reward or reward staff: A practice that has become very common in innovative companies is to offer staff the possibility of taking English courses at the company's expense as a work incentive.
Business English courses improve productivity

 How to choose the best English course for business?

Identifying your needs and clearly defining what you want to achieve when hiring an English teacher service for companies is only the first step in choosing the most appropriate one. Additionally, there are a number of factors that will allow identify the best option for English classes for you and your business:

  • Location:

When choosing an English course for companies, you should consider the location of the institute. Since the consistency that students can have with their classes will depend on this, institutes located in places far from your office, possibly represent a difficulty for your staff.

However, this should not be a cause for concern, since many institutes that offer corporate courses have the possibility that the classes be taken within the company's location, with the professors being the ones who mobilize to facilitate the process for the students. .

This is an exceptional advantage that significantly reduces class absences, since the employee only has to take the exact time of the class to take it within their workplace. Additionally, the environment allows you to better relate the practice of the language with your work and context.

  • Teaching method:

The method used by each institute varies depending on the teaching approach they have. This is important when choosing the most appropriate business English course, since not all of them can go hand in hand with your needs.

It is necessary to spend some time knowing the strategies used by teachers, not only to teach but also to evaluate the progress of their employees. It is essential that there be an adaptability towards the purpose to be achieved.

  • Flexibility in schedules:

The English course may be an incentive for employees, or it may be a decision made based on a latent need. In any case, it is important that the staff do not feel overwhelmed with the classes, and that it becomes an additional stress in their day to day.

Finding a course that offers flexibility and adaptability in schedules is key to keeping staff motivated with their classes and making them more consistent. A flexible schedule adapted to the needs of the company, along with the possibility of taking classes within the company, will make the experience much more enjoyable and productive.

  • Payment plans:

Many of the academies that offer English teachers for companies also have excellent payment plans, offering discounts for volume, payment in cash and frequency of classes. This type of offer becomes essential, especially if you want to hire classes for several employees.

English teachers for companies 

Advantages of English courses for companies

There are a series of essential qualities that an English teacher must have in order to develop a good relationship with their students and stimulate language learning in an easy way, creating a safe classroom environment.

Some important qualities you can look for in this professional are:

  • Average basic knowledge of the field in which the company operates.
  • Ability to stimulate participation.
  • You must manage a class plan according to the needs.

English2Go, a personalized option

English2Go stands out as an excellent option for a business English course in Costa Rica, thanks to the fact that it has a corporate department dedicated to developing business class plans according to the needs of each client. This adaptation is what facilitates success in the learning process.


Offering employees of a company the possibility of taking English classes to perfect themselves in the language and communicate better is an excellent way to motivate them. For this very reason, it is essential that you take your time choosing only the best option. Request a quote for your business English course now.

English Courses for Companies

Personalized, with native teachers specialized in technical vocabulary.

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