Currently, the labor market demands digital skills for professionals. In other words, technological tools that allow workers to function adequately in the digital age. We talk about knowledge about electronic devices, cyber security, networks, communication systems, data analysis, etc.

And it is that the technological revolution is creating new professions and professionals need to develop digital skills so as not to be left behind. For example, a study by the European Commission indicates that 90% of jobs (on this continent) will require some type of digital competence (European Court of Auditors, 2021).

Faced with this situation, below we mention some of the digital skills for professionals most demanded by companies.

Digital skills for professionals most requested

Technology and digital tools are the best allies of companies to have trained staff. Likewise, to maintain a healthy work environment; workers must be able to learn new skills that help them adapt to continuous technological advances. Among the most required skills are the following:

Customer Support

Understanding the needs of customers in today's markets is essential. In this sense, one must know their profile and know how to interpret the information. Likewise, modern companies value the management of customer assistance tools, such as the CRM (Bizneo, 2021).


Manage digital content (Blog, website, social networks, etc.) is another of the digital skills for professionals most required by brands. And, there are more and more online services that are under development. In fact, 9 out of 10 companies consider that "the pandemic has made SMEs more digital" (Microsoft, 2021).

Social networks

These can help improve the time management at work, especially for the exchange of information and the marketing. And it is that, knowing how to interact with them, allows you to establish relationships that can be useful for the business (Bizneo, 2021). Some of the most popular platforms are: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, among others. 

Digital edition, another of the digital skills for professionals most valued

Knowing how to edit multimedia content (video, sound, music, etc.) is currently highly required and appreciated by companies (Bizneo, 2021).

Technology clouds and electronic commerce

Knowing how to use digital tools in the cloud is almost essential today. The technology clouds offers companies the ability to manage and process their data via the Internet. Undoubtedly, another of the digital skills for professionals that cannot be ignored.

Digital skills for professionals: What are they | english2go

Information management

Today's professionals must not only know how to surf the Internet; they must also make their searches effective and allow them to get quality information quickly. Likewise, they have to know how to correctly organize and share that information (Aiwin, 2021). 

Remote work and communication

another of the digital skills for professionals The key is knowing how to work in virtual environments, either individually, with colleagues or with teams multitasking. For this, it is necessary to know how to interact and communicate correctly in Work spaces and activities outside the local area (Bizneo, 2021).

In this sense, it is a good idea to take courses or participate in lectures in english. And it is that this language is one of the most required in the world of work (Hernández, 2022). 

We can conclude that there is a close relationship between having digital skills (in addition to mastering other languages or having an academic level) and finding better sources of work. This is because digitization reinforces professional skills. On the other hand, the digital skills for professionals They are not just about learning and developing technological skills. They also imply the acquisition of knowledge, standards and principles on the responsible and appropriate use of information technologies.

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