Entrepreneurs, managers and directors of Human Resources value virtual training more every day. The e-learning it is, in itself, an educational experience that has great advantages because it intervenes in the modernization of knowledge, strengthens professional performance and develops without any type of schedule.

Through this tool you have total freedom, managing and prioritizing your activities and objectives. You can then gain knowledge without interrupting your personal routine. What is the profit? Many: from individual development to international expansion of your company.

On the other hand, e-learning provides comprehensive training to its staff avoiding hiring new employees, a process that generates a high cost for the company. It is about improving the productivity of your team with an advanced and effective technological solution.

 What is e-learning?

In this age it is required better staff, trained, efficient and that responds to current needs and demands. But how do you manage to hire and keep this type of employee and raise their skills? E-learning is the solution: a way to acquire knowledge through a virtual platform.

This training system is mainly characterized by the use of the Internet as a basis for interaction between the student and the trainer, teacher or instructor. This word means “electronic learning” or electronic learning.

Today, the barriers have decreased thanks to the constant digital environment in which we are involved on a daily basis.

Through e-learning you will be able to connect to the internet and provide your team with an improvement in their skills, raising the business level.

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Internet represents the channel of communication and access to any information. This gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of this medium, such as having enough time to learn online. Plus, you'll enjoy flexibility and more personalized learning.

What is not e-learning?

Education through the network (and in particular the English language), It is one of the best business options of the future. Sometimes we are confused about what e-learning really means. We do not take it into consideration and we do not see its growing hierarchy as a formative activity. Where does that confusion come from?

E-learning is a technological solution for electronic learning. An advanced option for your team and business expansion

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The confusion arises from being uninformed, from thinking that teaching on the web is wasted time or that others can carry out our work while we carry out other activities. To clear up this misconception of how to learn a specific subject or a language like English, let's see what e-learning is not:

  1. It is not a simple online document posted on a social network or blog, or the site of an educational institution that we look at and with that we finish the study of a certain topic.

  2. It is not a task that does not have a pedagogical objective; On the contrary, Internet training is an internationally recognized learning methodology with qualifications that support it.

  3. E-learning does not represent a restrictive and strict obligation for which we must be in front of the computer all day. We can make our own adaptation to classes, take our own pace of study and practice.

  4. It is not something lonely that we must face without any help. They are studies shared with our company colleagues or with people who are thousands of kilometers away; with them, we form virtual work groups.

  5. It is not something outdated in content; on the contrary, it is a modern activity, containing the latest trends. They keep us constantly updated and we can review the lessons whenever we want.

  6. It is not a linear form of instruction. We can observe, analyze and even download the documentation, videos, and other resources available in a training at any time: previous classes or forums in which we have not been able to participate, etc.

  7. It is not a virtual space where attendance is taken, where our behavior is observed. It is a space in which we do not sign forms, where we are guided by teachers or tutors who answer our questions.

Advantages of E-learning for the company

Studying English through the e-learning system is a strategic tool for us. We achieve a greater applicability of the language, since we align the concepts acquired with the organizational objectives.

Companies value this type of training; Although e-learning does not replace traditional teaching, it does simplify it. This system provides an option to study English without even having to leave our homes to do it. What are you waiting for to start using it?

Learn English with e-learning

E-learning to learn

What better way to get ahead in the business world than provide the tools and human resources to increase the profitability of the company? These include e-learning as a factor for progress against the lack of time in the company.

In addition to the teaching system, remember that fluid communication will give you a possible geographical exchange that will enhance productivity. It is then when mastery of the English language supposes evolution from a business and personal point of view.

What does e-learning offer you? Being able to develop in a market that requires more and more updates, process improvement, adaptability and solid knowledge in English

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Companies value e-learning as a means of boosting their staff with extensive knowledge. Employee skills are developed, showing a team more prepared to improve processes effectively.

However, being able to speak English is a plus that not everyone has. You should only choose a professional alternative that gives you maximum benefits. We tell you.

  • Scope of the entire workforce, because through an effective system it is possible to train many employees without the need to participate in face-to-face classes.

  • You will be able to manage multicultural teams, close important business deals and have a staff capable of communicating in another country and sending the right message to the client.

  • It is possible to study at your own pace and not depend on a teacher in a classroom. Don't neglect work, yourself or your team, by learning English in an impractical way. A computer, laptop or smartphone is enough to grow under a well-structured methodology.

  • Always remember to be motivated to achieve. Each step is significant because it represents closer to your goal. Learning English is the key to advancing in the business and having a prepared team.

  • E-learning provides immediacy. Once interconnected, any type of communication is possible in this agile environment.

  • Flexibility is a factor that defines learning, whatever it may be. Face-to-face education requires interacting with classmates and studying in an environment full of distractions. E-learning or online learning grants the fact of being able to connect whenever you want.


Due to lack of time, increased expenses in transfers to an institution or simply by choosing less innovative methodologies, you or your company's staff may not advance in learning English.

Technology provides two key elements for growth: e-learning as a state-of-the-art system and English as the first language for business. do you already know English2Go?

At English2Go we offer you the training you deserve to become number 1 in the company, to have a trained team. Speak English through online classes, obtaining fast results with our intelligent method of high impact and development.

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