The business trips they are one of the best business plans, since they are a great incentive for your employees and a way to test the skills of your work team. And it is that traveling is a pleasure for everyone.

A report states that 49 % of employees are interested in taking some workations (, 2021). Here we tell you the importance of business trips, so that you can take advantage of them to reinforce your brand and the skills of your employees.

Work trips, a motivation for your employees

Travel has several advantages. Between them, they are a great opportunity to increase adaptability through language and culture. These are other reasons to do them:

  • Expand the network of contacts. Work with trained staff and international allows you to reach customers who might be difficult to reach from the local market.
  • They improve their ability to express themselves in other languages such as English. By studying other languages in their homeland, their collaborators can improve their abilities to speak like an English speaker.
  • They add value to the personal brand. In other words, mentioning a job exchange in another country is not just a boost to the resume; it is also a symbol of personal growth. This translates into a competitive advantage over business opportunities.
  • Time management at work. The reason is that his team develops the ability to carry out representation and operational tasks. In this way, employees have more autonomy at work adding new responsibilities.

The responsibility of being an ambassador of your company

All the advantages offered by business trips They also carry a responsibility. Being an incentive, the objective goes beyond the award and is also related to enriching the company's brand.

Giving this opportunity can also be a risk if the person traveling is an inexperienced employee. However, it can also be an opportunity for:

  • Learn new skills; a second language like English, for example.
  • Expand your areas of interest, making you responsible for initiatives when you get out of your comfort zone.

As you can see, taking a trip brings many benefits to your company and your team. So we hope this information is useful to you if you want to start implementing this incentive in your company.

Bibliographic references (2021, May 5). Workation: the perfect match for the 49% of the Colombians.

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