There are many benefits of english training for employees companies receive. Some are fully quantifiable, such as optimization of written communications; others, such as staff's increased self-confidence, could be considered intangible but no less important.

We present below the 10 benefits that your company will receive by implementing continuous training in English for your employees. If you want to take advantage of the opportunities and create the conditions for the expansion and success of your business, continue reading.

Training your employees in English increases the productivity of your company

In the globalized world in which we live, everyone seems to be aware of the importance that the English language has gained in different fields: scientific, technological, commercial, industrial... Hence the convenience of companies valuing bilingual talent and providing support to their teams to improve their level of English.

Those organizations that have talent that can communicate effectively in English They will be at the forefront of the market. This language is today the meeting point in negotiations and exchanges, and work teams need to be prepared to participate in the dynamic and competitive business world.

Any company that has efficient and multifaceted talents will have a vast advantage over its competitors. We know that about a billion people speak English around the world, which is why it is considered the language of business; Consequently, if it is a question of expanding into new markets, it is essential to have a bilingual staff that can communicate effectively in order to attend to the needs of customers and business partners.

The productivity of a company is associated with innovation, growth, business opportunities and exports. And all these concepts are also closely linked to the knowledge of English.

A team that masters this language will translate into greater and better use of opportunities for the company, optimization of performance and higher income. Without a doubt, these are the best arguments to motivate your employees to improve their level of English immediately. Undoubtedly, an English training program expresses one of the most important premises of business, win-win.

Teams advantaged by English training for employees

Benefits You Get With Business English Training

Let's see below how your company will benefit if you choose to give your human talent a training course in English.

1. Increase the confidence of your company's talent

Although for many people speaking in public represents one of the most common fears, that fear is intensified when it comes to doing it in a foreign language. Training with an emphasis on conversational English can significantly increase their self-confidence.

To the extent that they communicate more effectively, they will develop more freely in negotiations, sales, events, meetings and any type of international interaction. 

2. There is more and better access to information

More and more information is published in English, in all areas. If your company's talent is fluent in this language, will be able to directly access these publications, without intermediaries.

They will not depend on translators and will take control in conversations with clients or partners. This will allow them to stay up-to-date, and your company can stay ahead of the competition.

3. Open international opportunities

Given the importance of English, which, as we have already mentioned, is today the language of business, it is possible to do business successfully with companies or individuals from anywhere on the planet.

English definitely is now an intercultural meeting point that not only allows you to communicate with customers in English-speaking countries, but from anywhere in Europe or Asia, for example.

4. English training courses are an investment

Effectively, English training for your employees is an investment. We have already seen how productivity increases dramatically when a company's talent can successfully communicate in English.

handling of this language opens the doors to international markets, thus generating economic growth for the company. Since the benefit far outweighs the cost, language training is considered a strategic investment that every company should consider.

The case of Gustavo Rosales, Finance Manager of Wunderman Thompson

"Communication with my colleagues in other offices is now easier, I understand contexts better and I even feel much more confident in conversations on professional topics."

At the end of 2019, the advertising and marketing company, Wunderman Thompson, took the initiative to improve the English level of two groups of key employees with the aim of improving their professional development. Among them was Gustavo, who needed to develop fluency and confidence when speaking with English-speaking clients and partners. 

Just as it happened with his co-workers, in just 4 months and thanks to the immersion of the language in his daily life, Gustavo achieved his goal with the help of a private teacher who was assigned by English2Go according to his professional profile.

Today this WT collaborator is capable of establishing complex conversations in the technical language of his area with different levels of the organization. The range of action of Gustavo's powers was expanded being able to take on international responsibilities.

This not only benefits the employee individually, but also represents long-term savings for the company, which will no longer have to resort to new hires or waste time or money in the process of adapting personnel. 

5. Job training in English standardizes the level of your employees

Some companies require their employees to study the language on their own; nevertheless, identify training needs of English and investing in it ensures leveling in learning. When everyone receives the same quality of instruction, they get better results.

The specialized courses for companies are characterized by taking into account the particular conditions and needs of human talent. If you also hire an institute that has native teachers, an excellent conversational and written level is ensured.

Employee English Training Success

6. Better labor relations

Imagine a work environment in which people are constantly on their toes, having ineffective conversations, broken sentences, half-expressed ideas, and jumbled sentences. The result will be a bad experience, in which those involved will feel uncomfortable, insecure and unclear about what has just been said. 

On the contrary, the fluid conversation can strengthen ties and build trust, thus achieving better business relationships and laying the foundations for successful negotiations. Providing your employees with social and business tools favors working relationships between your employees, as well as between them and their business partners or customers.  

7. Staff training in English gives you the best ambassadors for your brand

Remember that all your collaborators and workers are ambassadors of your company; therefore, you must ensure that each of them can communicate successfully in English.

It is important that the talent of your company can converse in a natural and relaxed way with your foreign partners or clients in any scenario, whether it is a short call to request information or the presentation of a business plan.

Imagine having 150 employees from different levels and business units prepared to communicate in formal English with your clients, partners, leads and the rest of the world. You could deploy your best people to take on sensitive positions or responsibilities around the globe. So it happened with company x who managed to take his large network of collaborators to an English A2 and B1 in record time thanks to the right plan.

8. Continuous training in English improves written communication in your company

Currently much emphasis is placed on the benefits of having a good level of conversational English, but writing correctly in this language is also of the utmost importance. Many of the communications today are carried out via email, instant messaging, social networks or other platforms that prioritize written language.  

In addition, companies that want be recognized abroad or place their products on the international market, they must have a website where the information is also offered in English.

9. Increases the creativity of your employees

One of the main goals in the training courses is to get people to think in English; that is, that they are able to structure their ideas in that language during their conversations, thus reducing the response time. think in english develops creativity and favors decision-making.

10. Strengthens work teams

Many companies have found that English training sessions They also serve as activities to integrate their work teams. When people leave the work context to an extra-daily interaction, the creation of authentic ties is encouraged, at the same time that institutional identification is strengthened.

At English2Go we understand the importance of English in the business world. We provide the precise tools and the most accurate instruction so that employees and senior executives can communicate successfully in the international market.

If among your plans is to expand your company or close business with that very important foreign client you aspire to reach, it is time to prioritize English training for your employees.

How to choose the best training for your company

It is essential that you make a diagnosis of training needs according to job roles, industry and the very characteristics of those who will participate. In this way, you can further refine your search and have a clearer idea of the course that the company needs. 

Identify the type of English

Determine the type of English and the level of technicality that the collaborators must handle. You may identify different learning needs. For example, your engineers and financiers need technical English or technical English combined with business English, in the case of area managers. 

On the other hand, business executives need to focus on achieving effective and persuasive oral English, so business English combined with the reinforcement of soft skills is the best option for these professionals. 

The current level of your collaborators

It is important to know the current level of English of your collaborators before choosing a course for the company. This will allow you to group the participants by levels and needs, so you can ensure that everyone progresses in parallel, no one will be left behind or bored because they are receiving material that they have already mastered. 

The level evaluations must be carried out people trained to teach English as a second language. In general, the same companies that provide English have these pre-employment resources.

Make sure the tier diagnostics provider offers you a bias-free, efficient and time-sensitive process. 

His objectives

Taking your objectives into account will give you key information to choose the course format or courses that your company needs. For example: If your mission is to train a senior executive to perfect their English in a short time, due to a specific event such as a conference or presentation, the most appropriate option is Spanish Coaching. Instead, if you need your managers to speak English fluently because your job requires it, then consider the Online Classes for Executives and Groups with medium and long-term study plans. 

the time available

Confirm with your decision-making team how long you plan to train employees and define the rules of the game with the participants. At this stage, you must involve the workers in the training activities and their purpose, make them see this new challenge as a valuable opportunity for their career. 

Negotiate with your collaborators the time allocated to learning, this does not have to take people's free time, there are several alternatives to integrate the continuous improvement of English during the working day. 


Identify how the investment will be made, since not all supplier companies are prepared to meet the collection requirements of large organizations or with special payment times. Before designing a curriculum, your provider will need to know how it will be paid for, as it directly influences service protocols. 

It is recommended that you agree in advance with the provider how the payment process will be, the formalization of the service, contract and purchase order so that the policies of both companies are aligned and you do not experience delays in the start of the training. 

Characteristics of the ideal supplier

Do not make hasty decisions, we recommend you make a list of companies whose services they offer the most practical and efficient solution according to the objectives of your organization.

  1. It must offer tailored training.
  2. You must provide certified native tutors for specialized English teaching. 
  3. Your provider should be able to offer multiple learning options, such as online lessons or live video calls, to keep your staff's busy schedules from getting in the way of classes.
  4. It is necessary that you have a study plan based on cultural immersion and that you help your collaborators develop soft skills to enhance their bilingual communication in work or business environments.

At English2Go we design personalized courses for your company. This means that we analyze every detail and need of your project; Then, based on that information, we design the most appropriate and effective strategy to obtain the best results in less time. Of course, our native teachers They are prepared so that your work teams stand out in their interactions with their international clients and partners.

Give your company a global reach with human talent capable of expressing themselves fluently in English with our business programs, which are tailored to your needs and can take your company to the next level.

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