be bilingual offers numerous benefits. You can take advantage of them as you reach a better level in English. Especially in your work, since knowing another language will give you access to a world of opportunities.

Today, companies must conduct business around the world to be successful. Faced with this situation of competition, companies must have qualified personnel who perfectly master the language of business: English. 

Do you want to know what the benefits of being bilingual at work are? Read on. We offer you information that will be useful for you to decide to learn English. Make all the doors open for you.

What does it take to be bilingual?

Surely, as in any project, wonders what it takes to be bilingual. Without a doubt, the first response is the desire to achieve it. However, wanting is not enough, therefore, you need help in the process.

John Macnamara, Professor of Psychology at McGill University, states that to be bilingual you need to master four skills in a second language. These skills are: speaking, listening, writing and reading. 

As with the mother tongue, acquiring a second language requires practice. Only unlike the acquisition of the first one where everyone around talks about it and corrects mistakes promptly, in a second one, study is needed. 

For this reason, at English2Go we have custom courses aimed at professionals who want to be bilingual and who have limited time. We are a company that offers online English courses, with native teachers.

And like any important goal, acquiring English as a second language requires discipline and perseverance. Only practice sustained over time will lead you to think and speak in English naturally.

how to be bilingual at work

Importance of being bilingual in a globalized world

Now, why be bilingual? It's not just about speaking a second language. English is the language of business. To climb positions in the company and reach the highest levels requires that they know you and listen to you.

In particular, managers in transnational companies communicate in English. Even more so, when we live in a globalized world. That is why corporations have headquarters in various parts of the world and it is usually assumed this language as communication code.

Secondly, if you are looking for better job opportunities, English is his card up his sleeve. There are currently more than 100,000 positions on the main digital recruitment platforms that require proficiency in English.

In addition, they are the ones that pay better salaries and offer more benefits. So if you want to opt for more lucrative options, it is in your best interest to speak English. And not only speak it, but understand it and write it.  

The trend of globalization will not be reversed, companies want to grow and expand their markets. Therefore, it is a good time to be bilingual and take advantage of these opportunities. Get started now.

Being bilingual: a challenge that must be faced today

there are many excuses to postpone the study of English. Lack of time, investment of money, age, responsibilities at work and stop counting. However, the benefits of being bilingual outweigh its costs.

As a professional you are limited in your growth, unless you master a second language. It is a challenging but necessary goal as long as you want to reach managerial positions. Even more so if your goal is to emigrate.

Let your dreams of being bilingual outweigh your fears.

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Fortunately, in these times there are numerous resources that you can rely on to learn English. Digital platforms available 24/7, podcast, television with English subtitles, among others.

Main benefits of being bilingual at work

In the professional field, having basic knowledge of the English language is not enough, since having a high level of English today is essential for business.

Being bilingual gives you access to better job opportunities, higher wages, and better job connections.

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Still not fully convinced? of the benefits of being bilingual at work? So, we present a series of reasons to learn English that will allow you to make a decision:

More and better opportunities 


There is a great demand for bilingual professionals on an international level. Therefore, those who do not master the English language are losing great jobs in renowned companies.

Forbes, the magazine specializing in business and finance, has conducted a study on bilingualism. The result indicates that knowing English increases the chances of being hired by a company by 37%.

When analyzing current job offers, they also indicate that around a 26% requires the use of a second language. English is the most requested. For this reason, being bilingual is essential to qualify for better positions.

This is even more relevant when the company's headquarters are located in an English-speaking country. Because in those cases it is not an option to speak English, it is a requirement to belong to the organization.

higher wages

Statistically, professionals who are fluent in English receive a higher salary, between 30% and 50%, than those who do not speak the language. Without a doubt, this is one of the most fascinating benefits of learning English for work.

Also, bilingual professionals get other benefits more often than those who are not: vacation pay, bonuses, and health insurance. Therefore, speaking English pays dividends that far outweigh the investment to learn it.

Be bilingual and stand out from the competition

The corporate world is highly competitive, every year numerous professionals graduate from higher education centers. At the same time, there are already other people on the job market with excellent qualifications.

In addition to the above, most companies have a pyramid structure. Consequently, and as the popular saying goes, many are called and few are chosen. Therefore, it is convenient for you to increase your skills to be selected.

If you are opting for a new job, knowing English is a great advantage; since your work profile will be more attractive compared to other professionals of the same rank, who do not speak the language.

Increase your knowledge

Being bilingual at work is one of the most rewarding benefits on a personal level. By speaking English you will be able to access specialized and up-to-date documentation about your profession.

Please note that the 75% for Advanced Studies is in English; therefore, you will be able to access more specialized information that will make you a more valuable resource for the company you work for.

Benefits of being bilingual at work

More work connections

English speakers can share more easily with foreign people. Therefore, you will be able to meet new colleagues who can be a bridge for your professional growth.

Professional life is more than the job you have at the moment. Every person you meet opens up a world of possibilities. Remember the theory of the six degrees of separation, according to which only 5 contacts separate us from anyone in the world.

So being able to communicate in English will allow you to reach whoever you want. This happens, both because it is part of their direct connections; as through social networks. Having a profile there in this language will make them know you.

cultural integration

One of the reasons for learning English is the advantage of traveling abroad to learn about other cultures from within, like a native. In addition, it will give you the possibility to share information, music, movies and other topics of interest.

Also, one of the benefits of being bilingual is that you will be more eligible to attend corporate events in other countries. Since it would not make sense to send a person who fails to communicate the interests of the company.

when you know not only the language but also the cultural aspects of the country You will be able to talk about more topics. All this contributes to gaining security and being noticed as a possibility for promotion at work.

Climb professionally by being bilingual

The companies that offer the most interesting positions, as well as possibilities to grow, are international. Having offices in several countries, they need a staff that must be bilingual to be able to communicate.

Acquiring English allows you to gain visibility within the company and, consequently, be considered for better positions. If your goal is to climb professionally, you want your actions to lead you to learning the language.

The highest positions in the companies are occupied by highly specialized bilingual personnel in the business.

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On the other hand, remember that in the international market it is essential to establish strategic links. So if you want to progress in your career, learning English is a priority.

Business Training Programs

There are many programs to train in English, each with different orientations. However, the best option for professionals is in business training. 

Business training programs offer you the opportunity to learn English. One of the advantages of these trainings is that they emphasize individual requirements. By customizing your course you can choose what you really need.

On the other hand, you can register for a training oriented to the professional world. It is not just learning English but learning the language of business. Classes in these programs emphasize technical language and its use in oral and written communication.

To achieve the benefits of being bilingual, you need to speak English, but also know the technical vocabulary of your area of expertise. Also, you should use the typical and everyday expressions so that you can shine in your meetings.

In English2Go we have 17 years training professionals from companies from different sectors in English. Our teachers are native English speakers with experience in technical and business areas.

In conclusion

After knowing all this, we hope that you stop seeing English as a cultural barrier. It's time to make this language an ally. Grow personally and professionally, enhancing your work profile and your social circle.

Don't waste any more time and encourage yourself to study English to improve your financial situation. Remember that a bilingual position or one with English requirements is much better paid. Plus, you'll have options to choose from and you won't need to settle.

Get closer to having better job opportunities that take you around the world. Plus, gain more connections with professionals in your area. On the other hand, integrate better in other latitudes by speaking English with confidence. 

Being bilingual is your best option. The way to achieve this is through training and at English2Go we want to be your ally in this process. request an interview to learn about our personalized courses and get closer to the benefits you deserve.

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