Have you spent some time performing the same tasks in your workplace and would you like to get a job promotionThe first thing you should know is that it is possible to move up to new and better opportunities, but it requires effort.

Growing professionally has endless benefits. Among them, access to better remuneration and although money is a great tool, it is not the most important thing. Beyond economics, there is the fact of taking on challenges and demonstrating new capabilities.

Moving up in position, as we pointed out at the beginning, is completely feasible, but it does not happen overnight or spontaneously. In this post, we tell you five infallible secrets to achieve your desired promotion at work.

Five keys to moving up in your job

The professional growth It is not limited to obtaining economic benefits. It is a process that implies a positive evolution that a person has, both in their work and personal life.

Now, perhaps more than once the following question has been raised: Why can't I grow and move up if I have put everything on my part? Many times we believe that our actions are up to the circumstances.

Moving up in rank shouldn't just mean more income for you. It is a professional growth, a personal evolution that will bring high benefits.

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When the truth is that there are factors that most of the time we do not identify, that interfere with our objectives and limit growth.

For example, lack of dreams and aspirations, lack of motivation, and spending too much time on comfort zoneThese are factors that not only damage your personal life, but also slow down professional development and growth.

The good news is that you can put an end to this vicious cycle that keeps you from moving up. All you need is to put the following tips into practice.

take responsibility

In the workplace there is an inescapable truth; and it is the fact that a higher hierarchy implies greater responsibilities. Assuming them means that you are willing to answer for your work, for the team that supports you and for the results.

And once you have assumed those responsibilities, you must demonstrate ethics and commitment. It is not valid to say “I did not know”, “I was not informed” or “That person did not fulfill his part of the work”.

These phrases not only denote that you evade responsibilities, they also show that you are not ready to move up in the ranks.

learn a second language

Move up in position and languages

Moving up a position requires having certain academic skills that allow a better performance of their duties. In addition to your university education, it is essential that you have tools that go beyond basic skills.

Did you know that moving up in rank is related to speaking multiple languages? If you practice and commit to learning another language, you will see positive changes in your personal and work life.

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For example, speaking a second language. Studies affirm that professionals who speak several languages earn 30% more salary than those who do not.

But that's not all, companies are more inclined to hire and promote job to those who speak a second language. preferably english.

This type of staff can help companies to establish communication with clients abroad and close deals that will benefit the organization.

Get out of your comfort zone

To reach a high level it is decisive to take on challenges. No great leader has managed to reach the top using the same formula or from comfortable settings.

The most incredible opportunities require learning to get out of the comfort zone and assume roles that imply difficulty and challenges.

Practice communicating with your team

Don't just aim for the ranks, focus on becoming the best leader. To do this, you must establish good relationships and maintain effective communication with your team.

Start by projecting a good attitude in your workplace. Start conversations, ask questions, share your knowledge and be friendly. This type of internship fosters positive relationships and a better work environment.

Also, one effective communication It is closely linked to emotional intelligence. This is a quality highly valued by companies when hiring and offering promotions.

Take on new challenges

Rise up by taking on challenges

The ability to take on new challenges encompasses many actions, putting them into practice would make you rise in position.

 There is still time to move up. But you must take action for your goal. Take on new challenges and train yourself in new tasks or projects.

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Propose ideas that help solve some internal problem in the company, get training in a new area, apply to undertake new projects.

Taking on new challenges is essential if you want to rise in rank, but also to build your personal brand. The effort will help discover new skills, project them and achieve better results.


Moving up and growing professionally may seem simple, but it requires a lot of perseverance, discipline and commitment to your goals.

Achieving a better job position takes time. You just have to meet the fundamental requirements: get out of your comfort zone, take on new challenges, maintain a positive attitude, set goals and constantly train.

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