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  • Do you want to close deals with foreign partners?
  • Do you need to master the art of business English?
  • Do you want to expand into the international market or are you on a mission to manage multicultural teams?

The use of Business and Labor English is essential in each of these cases.

English Business

In this section you will find various articles with tips and information to help you communicate better in business English.

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The English you need

It seems like a simple choice but it is not. From General English to Technical English to Business English or ESP (English for Specific Purposes), there are several types of English that will be of great use to your team in specific situations both at work and in personal life. But you have limited time and budget, so you must choose the type of English that is best oriented to achieving the objectives of the organization and strengthening communication weaknesses in the shortest possible time.

How to train effectively

The second challenge is to implement a methodology that guarantees the learning of its collaborators without subjecting them to overtime work or tedious classes with impractical content. With the indicated methodology, you will be able to achieve the standardization of English in your company and an optimal level for each of your employees. But what methodology should you implement? That's what we're here for, we'll tell you below.

stay motivated

While doing all of the above, you need to think about how to sustain employee training over time and how to instill an English-speaking culture in the organization. After a training process, it is essential that you give your team tools and opportunities to put what they have learned into practice in real situations. And while motivation is primarily a subjective factor, as employers we can make a huge difference through post-training programs that involve English immersion activities.

English Labor

We recommend that you make use of the tools and advice that we present to you in the following blogs and you will notice an improvement when you need to communicate in the labor sector. 

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